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  • Hi Ruth,
    I'm doing ok, feeling a little down about things, but I did start the dexpramipexole trial today... hopefully I got the real meds, not the placebo with all the time commitment here.

    How are things with you?
    Hi Ruth....I just stopped in here to let everyone know what is going on and got your message. My dad's name is Chuck Reinking. Still over here about 80 hours a week, but at this point my dad has turned for the worst. I fear it wont be much longer. Somethings now wrong with Michelle's liver so we are going to get that checked on this week. (If my dad doesnt pass sooner). I hope Billy is doing okay, and you too dear friend. Hugs!!! Kari PS THANK YOU for putting my dads name on your shirt!! YOU go girl!!!
    Hi, Hope all is well with you. I have relatives some where in Mass, please add my name , Diane Fritzsche :), Thank you
    i have a meeting tomorrow about a skydive over the cape on june 19th lou gehrigs birthday maybe next time we can when you come this way we can meet i cant get out much becaue i have foster kids and i never know what is up
    Hi tdamess, I'm hoping to go to the Cape tomorrow to visit my brother in West Barnstable... and also my Dad's grave at Bourne National Cemetary. Hoping the weather warms up a bit though!
    Hi tdamess, I live in Mass as well! Thank goodness spring is finally here! Hope all is well with you.
    joni51 , hi how are you i am ok , lost a lot of hope when joel died , so sad at the moment will will keep my head up
    schveez thats the way to do it , and my son is doing going down hill but doing well with the fight
    Thanks TD.. This has been really tough..I am getting mixed instructions regarding therapy, so I am going to follow my gut and do what I feel is right. I just recived my sit to stand machine and have been able to work with transfer boards. How's your son doing?
    Hi Ruth hun. Ya, can you believe it!! Lead poisoning!!! We have no idea how much damage it has done yet, and I am sure they will try and detox her. I worry because she hasnt even had a period since July. Well, its better than being on "Mystery Diagnosis" I guess. I have been thinking about you. Are you able to spend the holidays with your son at all?? You have a nice holiday dear friend!!!! Hugs, Kari
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