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    Going To Costa Rica for Stem Cell Therapy

    Unfortunately for everybody, this guy is taking the juice out of real stem cell therapy research that is ongoing in several countries. The best news I've heard recently is that Obama is reversing the decisions of the previous administration's ban on stem cell use to let the full weight of the...
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    What did everyone do for a living?

    ... my wife was a kindergarten teacher for 24 years until she could no longer walk safely. Before that a swim instructor. Had three kids and raised 4 (if you include me too). t.
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    ... If you can convince her, the PEG will help keep her basic nutrition in hand. It doesn't mean that she will no longer be able to take anything by mouth any more. I think that I still have "nosey" wine glasses around here that were used frequently... lets say nightly! It allowed me to give her...
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    Thanks, Al, for your many posts!

    I know that I haven't been here as often as I should and its great to see Al in such fine forum. I attended the funeral of an aquaintance this past weekend who lost out to ALS. The stories and infamy that accompanied her "life celebration" almost all occurred in the last few years. It brought...
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    AL and ALS Article and slide show

    Hello All and welcome a blast from the past and for thos of you considering organ donation (from a ways back) My wife lost her battle with ALS in May of 2001 and we approached the neurologist about organ donation. When the time came, she was taken to London (Ontario) (where the neropathologist...
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    Hi From Carol D.

    Hi Cindy: I am well but have been in the process of changing locations. A euphamism for moving! My kids, who all went away for school are now rebounding back home and looking for handouts! I still peek at the forum from time to time and get the odd message at home from Al but find that my inputs...
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    Hi From Carol D.

    Hello Carol DeBoer: I've just been looking over the old posts as well and it now seems so overwhelming how active the site is and how many people are involved. .. and now how little I can contribute. Glad to see that you are holding your own... Fischer and the red bikini still haunts my memory...
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    My Latest Abstract

    ... I think that I saw something like that at a concert in the late 60's... maybe not... just another flashback to when drugs were apparently recreational. The image is quite impressive though Mike t.
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    Okay Al: I've been trying to search for the date of the pig roast and now that I've found it... it has already happened! I'm in pork withdrawl. The professor and I had planned to make the hour drive to Orangeville from Uxpatch... easy! But I pooched it! I hope it was great and now I'll have to...
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    Financial Information maybe ?

    ... and I'm not going to touch jack-screw either... but that's how some flaps are driven... safer T.
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    Need A Little Support Tonight.

    Hope: It's okay to reach out... and it's okay to vent. Many of us have gone through this cycle before... and likely will again. This kind of moral support is what many of us are here for. So let your fingers dance! T.
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    Hi donnah we are neighbors

    Hi Donna: I haven't waded into this thread... mostly cause I'm not from New Joisey! I understand your anxiety over Ben's situation... I was where you are 6 years ago. My wife let go when she was ready, but in the mean time there still seemed to be issues that she wanted settled. My suggestion...
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    just found out

    Hi AMM: It's heartbreaking if you let it be. Ryan Air has lots of cheap flights north if need be. I'll bet you're able to get home pretty much at the drop of a hat! As long as your dad is well cared for when he needs it, he'll be okay! What you can do best is live your life to the fullest... and...
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    newly diagnosed and just sinking in

    Welcome Scuba: Sounds like you have your priorities in order but don't hesitate to vent here when you need to. I see you are from Kelowna... too bad for you. You've been living in heaven all along... except during forest fire season. CHeers T
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    Confused and going insane!

    Hi Folks: While I'm sure that anti depressants aren't a bad idea when dealing with this, we used them for saliva control. Not that my wife didn't need "help" from time to time. Elissa, as Al mentioned, we've only seen sun three days this month... today it's raining... tomorrow we expect...