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  • Thank you Jeff. My relationship with Jesus remains strong. I am so thankful for His amazing grace. The bottom line when all is stripped away, is to say in truth...He is enough!
    Jeff, it's so good to hear from you! Like Judy, I'd love to know (only if you're comfortable) how you have made out with your health. I'm very forgetful, and see she has better grey matter. :)

    I hope your life is going well, in every way.
    Hi Jeff,
    Wow, you still think of Ann and me. I am thrilled that you wrote! How is it with you, are you back to normal? This disease only makes our faith stronger. I was thinking about you this past week. I hope all is well with you, and that you won’t mind if I pray for you, now and then?
    Come back again and visit!
    Thanks Ann, you are very generous, I am very fortunate and I only wish that a cure may be found to free all of you. While I am not religous I see from the posts how much believing helps you cope and I am happy for that. So you know, you really have shared and helped me and I can tell from other posts you have helped many others as well. Have a very Merry Christmas Ann.

    Jeff, Your family must be so pleased...I do hope your break is very special. It's so great to see you pop in... and to know that you are a "free man" regarding the disease. I have thought about lessons learned through this, and how it's a shame not to be able to go back in order to share, somehow. That is one of the amazing things about chatting with you--I believe you will carry it with you, Jeff. I hope your physical problems are totally cured soon. Merry, merry Christmas! I am delighted to be your friend. Ann
    Hi--good to read your post! Are you still continuing to feel better? I do hope so. Blessed Christmas to you and your family...
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