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  • I'm not the person to ask what fasiculations look like. Tongue fasciculations are very common in benign conditions, though, so I wouldn't take it seriously either way.
    I don't hear either, I think you're ok. Ultimately an ENT with a scope can tell you 100%, but it's nothing to be worried about in the meantime.
    Thanks! The reason I asked is because people with dysarthria have more trouble reading other people's phrasing than they do talking spontaneously. That's because your subconcious routes around words and timing you aren't good at and picks different words and phrasing. Someone with fairly advanced spasmodic dysarthria can sound pretty normal in conversation but freakish if they try to read a kid's book out loud.

    You sound good, you can read quickly and clearly, but sound like you don't feel confident in talking. You might have some sort of subtle voice anomaly people who know you well can detect, but nothing that I would label dysarthria. It reminded me of a video a lady with BFS sent me of her walking. She could bear weight easily on either leg, balance well, and made amazing turns but obviously felt unsteady.

    Unless you develop a more pronounced problem strangers can notice, I wouldn't let this stuff worry you. Get to the general doc when you can, but don't let it make you anxious.
    I just read your thread. Whispering is on the same UMN as talking at full volume as far as I know, they went together in me, at least. What would actually be more helpful than those videos would just be you reading a book aloud, normal volume. Why exactly haven't you been able to get an appointment with an ENT?
    It doesn't really hurt. In the cramps, it is like my whole throat closes for anywhere from a few seconds to 30 seconds, then releases again. The spasms just lead to involuntary swallowing motions. (This is particularly bad when something is stuck down my throat like a manometry tube.) But my experience is uncommon, I haven't heard of many like it, so it is possible that these things, the cramps at least, are psychosomatic. It is also possible that they are from the intersection of my pseudobulbar UMN problems and the neurological problems I have with my esophagus. Either way, they are not something most people with pseudobulbar problems complain about.
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