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  • Hi Tamvic. You just posted a Visitor Message to yourself, so it's doubtful anyone will see it. I suggest you post a message in one of our subforums, maybe just to introduce yourself first.

    Look at the top left of this page, see the big red donate button, just below is the navigation tree, starting with ALS/MND Support Group Forums. Click there and you'll see all our subforums.
    HI- looking for some opinions. I was diagnosed VERY early on in the progression of this. I went into the Doc for unrelated back pain and after a neurological work up he was concerned enough to send me to have an EMG. I was diagnosed possible and then 4 months later moved to probable. I still was feeling good and, with the exception of cramping, "creep crawlies" in the left leg and atrophy in left thenar all was well. I went on a strict regimen of vitamins almost immediately:

    All progression stopped- I was told that ALS is a progressive disease and I'm not progressing- therefore.... Fantastic news! But no one could tell me if it was a misdiagnosis or the vitamins helped. Personally- I didn't care. I knew I would continue to take the vitamins just in case. I have been stuck overseas a month longer than planned and did not bring enough vitamins to last the extra time. The last few days symptoms have started to come back. Any thoughts?
    Hi :) I'm a little confused as your profile says you are being diagnosed with ALS, but you also have a diagnosis date.
    It would be great if you could start your own thread and introduce yourself so that we can get to know you and support you. Tillie
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