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  • Just wanted to say I was thinking of you guys. Let me know how its going. xo
    Thanks for all the helpful information you posted.I know you have both been though the ringer.I am going to look into the Tesla, thanks to ya'll and others.All that ya'll have been through and still able to help others(especially a 30 yr old with possible MND) is truly selfless.Love and stay around more often,
    Charlotte You are both vital and inspirational!
    It was good to see you posting, had wondered how you and your husband were doing.
    Hi, Tracy- Happy 40th Birthday! (better late then never!) Good luck this week- will keep your husband in my prayers & thoughts for a very successful surgery! Marianne

    I will be on vacation next week....no internet access.
    But, before I forget I wanted to wish your family the best with your husbands surgery.
    Hi, Tracy- re: your post from "we are people facing als" thread...
    You are certainly the epitome of the words you wrote in your post! Kudos to you- if some people read your story, it might persuade them "to get a grip & think logically". Then again, not everyone has your courage & tenacity!
    I am actually calm, so I know it's not stress. Is it adding to it? Maybe, I guess. I am actually thinking a lot about my mom and realizing that her dr. was wrong and that mine might be too when he says I don't have ALS based on my exam. I am trying to believe it with all my heart.
    Anyway, PLEASE let me know how the appointment goes!
    I just posted a response, but wanted to add something. My mother was initially diagnosed with pseudo bulbar palsy by a neuro,but after seeing an infectious disease dr., she was then diagnosed with Lyme via spinal tap (it did not come out in her blood), anyway, I know you have different circumstances, but I am happy to see that you are such a strong advocate for your husband. He is really lucky to have you. Please let me know how the appointment goes. best of luck, -v
    Hi Tag, I noticed you posted a photo for your icon and stopped by to see if you had a larger version. Nice to put faces to names!

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