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  • Hi. I just responded to your thread about the SAH grant. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions. Scanning your visitor messages, sounds like I faced some of the challenges your wife will. My husband was 6'1 and a big guy. I am 5'3" and not so big. If you have any questions about equipment, I can honestly say that we had everything we needed and exactly what we needed from the VA. The guys on the forum really helped me navigate the system and get the right stuff the first time. Quick background - my husband was a Captain in the Air Force in the early 80's after he graduated from UT. We are originally from Memphis and back here now, but we lived in Europe, Texas and California when he was in the wine business.
    Hi Floyd. I missed your calls Sat and Sunday and didn't check VM till today. Very busy over the weekend. Trips and chores, a family gathering and granddaughter's 8th birthday on Sunday. I was at Vanderbilt hospital on Monday too. But I was down in radiology waiting, and waiting for them to take me back for the feeding tube install. They tried but couldn't do it with xray. They are resheduling me to have it done laproscopically. I'll try to give you a call around 9 in the morning. I've errands and lunch with family around noon and they will sleep the afternoon away after I get home. I'll find out what you thought of the clinic tomorrow.
    Yes, my wife too is at the same disadvantage. She is a small woman and I am a big man. I am very glad to meet you, however I would have much preferred it to be under circumstances other than ALS. I am still learning and trying to absorb as much information as I can about the disease. The ALS forum is an excellent resource . About mysef, I am retired from the Air Force. After military retirement, I worked in downtown Nashville with the state treasury department for 13 years. I stopped working in late May. I love music so it was great to settle down near music city USA. I never had any health issues so this really blindsided me. I have not talked to anyone with ALS. Just communicated through the online forum. So if you wish, feel free to give me a call sometime. My home phone is 931 648-8942. Comparing notes may not buy us any additional time but I figure it is always a plus to be able to talk with someone who understands because they are also climbing the same mountain you are.
    Since you and I are about the same size physically, and you are pleased with your power chair, could I inquire as to where you got your chair and what model did you select.....cheers.....fp
    My right arm is getting really weak. I am 59. You mentioned old are you? I can still walk, but I am not certain for how right arm seems to be going fast now so I think my right leg is next based on what is happening with me.....I sent you a friend request.......cheers.....fp
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