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  • Hello Syekick,

    I've been meaning to say 'howdy' to ya ever since I saw your post, seeing that you are from Nashville. I may not have read all of your posts yet, but the ones I have read are very informative and helpful. We are not at your stage of progression yet, but your tips will no doubt come in handy when the time comes.
    Anyway, I wish you well, and I wish neither of us were here (or anybody else either!).
    Glad to see you're hanging in there. My friend and I both had a Rocky Edge Lite Tuesday. Great cigar, mild but not too bland. Thanks for the heads up. Hope you're having a good day today. Paul
    Joe, I am sorry I missed you Friday. If you were there I didn't see you but it's possible that I just missed you. As always it was a long tiring day. My right leg is a little weaker now and my breathing level is down some but guess you "get what you get" as you say. Drop me a note and let me know how you are. I hate to hear that Floyd has gone down so. Will keep him in my prayers... sherry
    Hi, I just read your latest post. I'm in the process of being diagnosed with "something neuromuscular" at the moment (definitely UMN). Your attitude is amazing and inspirational. I had a really bad week a couple months ago, could barely get out of bed, had a ton of pain. I called a friend and said that I'd give anything to just be able to go out for a drink and a cigar again. Last week, we went to a cigar club after a doctor appointment and I had a Punch - my first cigar in months. Do you have a favorite? Stupid, frivolous question, I know, but it's nice to see a fellow cigar lover! Take care. Paul
    Thank you so much for your information on the electric wheelchair and devices. Your positive attitude and willingness to help others is a blessing for this forum. Hope you are doing as well as can be. You are in my prayers. Kim
    Hi Sye, you sound like my hubby. He can transfer and thats about it also. We just got our pwc and are in the process of looking for a used van. they aren't cheap are they!!! Let me know how your trip goes. We are ready to venture out as soon as we get a van. We live in Indiana. Have a niece in Nashville.
    Have a great time ya'll... Pam
    hey, how are things? What is your first name so if I see you at the clinic i can say hello. What is going on with Floyd? I sent him a note but got no response. Have you spoke with him lately? sherry
    Hi! Hope you having a good week. Our youngest son who's 8 had strep throat so I have been home from work with him for the past two days. We had a wonderful visit with my dad over Labor day weekend. My dad's breathing wasn't too bad but his ALS doctor put him on a bi-pap to use just at night. My dad sleeps 100% better with it. He was waking up 2-3 times during the night but now sleeps through the whole night. Write me when you have time and tell me more about yourself. Take care, Kim
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! Hope this week is going well for you. I'm excited that I will get to see my dad for a short visit this weekend when he comes home for a visit. He's been staying with my sister in Dallas since they have a ALS clinic and in our hometown we don't. Take care of yourself. I'm praying for you. Kim
    Thank you for your reply. That relieves my mind somewhat. I might see you there sometimes. I guess I am in the "maybe this is a mistake phase". It is kinda hard to accept all this, Thanks again. Sherry....sunewun
    We had a Reliant 450 electric lift, and it was wonderful. The VA provided it. I took care of Terry by myself right up until the end. He became a full quadraplegic and could not talk. The VA should cover the costs of all of the equipment your wife will need to care for you and make it easy on her. Terry was insured through BCBS, Medicare and, of course, had VA benefits. We were so fortunate to have every single piece of equipment that we needed. I volunteer with ALS patients here in Memphis, and so many do not have what they need. We put ALS on a shelf soon after the diagnosis. That, we had no control over. Everything else, we did. I took Terry to the beach, to football games in Knoxville and just about anywhere he wanted to go. It was never any problem. The only equipment we couldn't transport was the hospital bed! We solved that by getting a wedge that sent under the mattress and lifted it up so that he could breath easier. Again, any questions you have, feel free to ask.
    Hello, I saw online that you had seen Dr. Lee at Vandy. I am supposed to see him next month. What did you think of him? Did he answer your questions. Thanks. Sunewun...(Sherry)
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