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  • iam trying to stay positve and active as i feel its hard because well iam stressed and dont feel good on top so what a mixture... iam young. 26 is young. espically for all of theses things happening. i hope i have many many yrs ahead... hope everyone is right..
    Sorry for the delay in answering. My voice started to go a full year before I was referred to a neurologist. In the interval I was given 3 separate diagnosis for the problem, all incorrect. I kept being told things would improve. Instead they kept getting worse. It wasn't until my walking started to go funny that my GP finally woke up that maybe she hadn't got it right. So with me it's been 15 months now since first obvious symptoms. I can still be understood but my voice is going downhill.

    Glad your boyfriend is not progressing. Hopefully you will get some answers soon. He is very lucky to have you :)
    well i sure wish i could reply and tell you iam doing fine, but iam not, i still have every single issue, i got a muscle biopsy done yesterday, iam sure it will come out fine also... i mean iam certainly haveing these issues, but nothing is showing up yet, iam trying sooo hard not to stress, but i must say iam bc iam so scared, ofcourse. who woulnt be?.. and i have been seeing some other sites alstdi where people have had many of my main symtems, but still got a als diagnosis later on... 4-5 yrs AFTER TWITCHING.. but the twitching isnt and wasnt ever my concern... day by day and the longer i go still keeping strength in my body is a good sign.. offically 6months now.. thanks for asking:)
    Just wanted to say "hi" I am also from Middletown Ct! Small world!, How is your boyfriend doing? I am going through testing myself, hopefully answers soon.
    Take Care, Kathy
    i see your an pt ive been seen by one once they say i had balance issues, but they have gotton worst since then but my strength was ok too them , and it was weird i remeber when i startd to get the pain the the grioinn or hip area, it was due to my balance...
    iam so confused.. so even if my emg comes back normal i can still have muscle weakness i thught they said clean emg no als or do you mean another type pf muscle weakness not like als?
    Spasticity is muscle tightening it is increased tone velocity dependent. Have you been tested for Lymes disease even if neg you should be tested again!!
    i dont just have twitching, it has accompanied things in the past 6months, like major balance issues, tripping, tremours, and my body dont feel normal, anymore mainly in my quads, and that is where the twicthing is at, amd where he found on emg, but i dont have those resluts back yet. i also ofcourse have the brisk reflexes, and and spacticty ( that thing where ur relaxing and u just jump it can starle u or ur loved one close to u) i never ever in my whole life had that, untill these past 2months, its everynight now thats what scareds.. me
    thanks for that, but this in me dont come and go never gets better, and i have other issues, i do relieze als dont effect sensory, my senroy issues, maybe something from complete other things, totally seperately, they did test b12.. i was fine and all my other vitamin d levels. and allergies, test ive been testd for eberything.. there isnt even anything else to test for shoot they testd for things they didnt even think i had like ra and stuff.. thanks for ur comment tho:) i probably dont..... thats wht i tell myslef . its the only thing keeping me not to worry so much... i do relieze everyone experiences twitching ofcourse, thats why in dec of last yr i startd twitching and thought nothing of it nothing at all... i never googld it, shoot i never even googled als to be honest with u when dr said that i just said oh als?.. ill go to a support group and see what they say
    Hi again.
    My boyfriend states that he feels like someone is squeezing the back of his tongue. Anyone ever had this symptom? He is so fustrated!! States how hard it is for him to talk.Takes so much effort. I feel soo bad wish there was something I could do. However still it is only speech affected(11mnths now) no difficulty swallowing occasional shortness of breath , fatigue decrease memory as well as puesdobulbar affect(increase laughter). Any one have some advice on how to help him through this? I am so stressed which is causing my colitus to flare up. I know its nothing compared to what he maybe facing however its making it difficult for me to be there for him cuz I'm always sick. I soo want to help him. Don't know what to do. Still wondering if ALs progresses this slowly with bulbar symptoms.
    Hi again.
    First I want to thank everyone for the feedback that I have recieved so far. I'm still confused and would appreciate further insight. My boyfriend is 42 and has had a speech impairment for 10 months. he saw one neurologist in Ct that did EMG which was normal. called his symptoms pseudobulbar palsy. I am a physical therapist and have been testing my boyfriend's strength,reflexes, balance/coordination. everything normal. I sent him to a neurologist in Boston who specializes in ALS . she did another EMG 4months ltr. which was normal. all reflexes WNL, strength5/5, coordination WNL. just isolated to speech which has not progressed. His speech is not slurred just slow effortful, nasal tone at times. MRI was neg for CVA, MS, it was normal. She dx as spastic dysarthria of unknown origin. She is not able to give a dx at this time. However still says its UMN. I'm still worried that it is ALS. Does any one know anybody who has started off like this and ended up with ALS?
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