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  • No should that be a next step? I was thinking pls but if they can't find any umn symptoms? Maybe it's to early in the process
    Yes 2 normal emg normal MRI, total neuro exams fine by all 3 tongue moves and looks fine, the only thing that was off was vit c deficiency so I don't know, am I just nuts?
    Maybe I should, I have been to 2 neuro and dr felice, they are all telling me the same thing, but I know something is not right. Do you think it sounds like psodobulbar? I really am kinda freaking out.
    Hi sya, I went to an emt, 5 min, felt my tongue and said it was dry, well I was a nervous wreck and of course my mouth was dry, worthless app, he did nothing. Ok so I am trying to make sense of everything, normal emg=no lmn so I tried to do some digging, read some things that phsudobulbar shows a brisk brisk jaw jerk in every article that I read, I don't have that does your bf? I can't even explain my symptoms except my tongue feels like I can't get my words out and weird tongue sensations whenever I talk, weird. Sometimes it feels like the sensation that I have been blowing up balloons, I have to figure this out because I am driving my family nuts, getting myself in a rut. Sorry about the ramble, maybe we can chat this weekend? Does your bf still work? K talk to you soon, kathy
    Sya, I would love to chat, if you look at my contact info, my aim is there, I don't know how to pm? Do you have to post a certain number of times? Don't know if I can post my email adress on here?
    I justed looked at my post, I just meant we heard that on the scanner and was wondering if you guys heard anything about it, hope you take that the wrong way lol
    Hi Sya, no new symptoms, 3 neuros tell me everything is fine,sounds like I talk fine, but my mom notices that I slur sometimes. They found no umn issues. Did your bf have sudden speech problems or was it gradual and did the neuros notice it? Does he have any umn issues that they see? I feel like everyone thinks I am nuts, the docs and my family, they tell me the docs said it's not als, so stop freaking out, but my symptoms are here! Sorry for the ramble. So are you guys talking marrage? we heard on our scanner there was a murder or suicide somewhere in Westlake sat night, didn't hear any update, Hope you both are doing well, Kathy
    Just curious did you see dr Felice in New Britain? I am kinda back in freak out mode, hope you guys are doing well and had a good weekend!
    Very original .......Kitty. She was not expected to survive, so it just stuck.
    Good talking to you as well.
    Hi Sya, I have no decreased mobility in my tongue, sometimes I can whistle, sometimes I can't, weird. At this point I have had 3 neuro's tell me no als. The thought is still in the back of my mind. Just feels like my tongue is tired, also feels like I burnt it. during conversations I feel like its hard to get some words out. I don't know I really don't. I am not understanding how so many on this board is saying clean emg= no als, yet some say that is not so, so confusing! I know there ore some on this board who are very rude, but I also feel that since so many on here have als, most do know alot about it, sometimes more than a doc. Does your boyfriend have speech problems 24/7 or does it come and go? Well I hope he goes to the emt and they find something simple. K talk to you soon.
    I am so sorry about people being rude. Unfortunately its usually the most knowledgable, but its never personal.
    Why dont you just keep in touch by visitor message and then Private message once you have posted a few times? Would be sad to have you go and knowledgable nurses are always useful.
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