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    my friend has passed

    Thank you CindyM yes - we are running a Pie throwing contest this month with 6 kid friendly teachers who are willing to put their face on the line! ( yes - i am one of them!)
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    Should I be praying for her to die?

    God grants peace Hi Mndireland i have not posted since posing the loss of my dear friend - and surrogate brother. I have to tell you the emotions of my loss and his freedom are so complex and I canteven beging to explain and you are experiencing much of the same - and honestly - i did not want...
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    my friend has passed

    Thank you Thank you all and I hope you all find peace. I will continue to fundraise for a cure to this terrible disease
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    my friend has passed

    Hello all- It has been a long time since I have visited / posted -- i had begun to be consumed by the deterioration of my friend John. - John has been granted Mercy and peace. He enjoyed his grandson for 2 months before ALS forced him into a fast final stage progression - which is what he was...
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    Wanted: Portble Ramp!

    Does anyone have a quality portable ramp for a power wheel chair? my PALS friend needs to have a portable / semi protable ramp system to get up a 3 foot rise... Any ideas or used equipment would be greatly appreciated!:-D
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    Wheel chair comfort

    please vote! OK - I went to a car assessory shop and they had a seat cover made of lamb-skin and they also had a seat "pad" which had multiple "air-bubble" spots to increase air circulation and change up pressure points on the back and bottom. If you had to pick one which would you pick?:mrgreen:
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    Wheel chair comfort

    Hi everyone- I have been trying to find some kind of breathable cover for my PALS friend for his wheel chair pads. Every time I hug him he is soaked with sweat and I know he must be uncomfortable - I have continued to search medical supply co. online but strike out --- any recommendations of...
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    "Ghost Whisperer" is wrong!

    Hi everyone -- Gina and I were just discussing the fact that the show Ghost whisperer just recently ran a story that was trying to portray a man with ALS. although it is nice to see the disease become a bit mainstreamed to help educate, that only works if the information they were given was...
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    maxed on anticipatory grief

    well - the most any of you have heard from me in the last 3 months have been fundraising in Honor of my friend - all of which has been successful.... but now i have been confronting the ugly realization that my friend and mentor has deteriorated to a point where he will need a peg tube - and he...
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    I-SCREAM for John

    Update! Our principal was further featured in our local paper and our icecream sale will happen on the 14th - but now the icecream company has also decided to contribute 10% of all sales on the 19th to go toward John's medical fund... WOW is that incredible support?! See the article at...
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    I-SCREAM for John

    I wanted to share the new fund raiser we are about to run on May 14... mainly because many of you could consider running a simmilar event for your PALS of for ALSA donations. John's ALSA walk team : "Johnny Walkers" raised over $10,000 last year for our walk, along with the MHS v.s. ALS basket...
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    Someone you should know!

    Fyi... ... just a tip to help you get to the video - after you click on the red camera - you will be taken to a new window- John's story will load and you need to hit the " play" key to get his story running - you will not see his story on th right because you will have already selected john's...
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    Someone you should know!

    We recently had our principal John Blankush, who has faught the battle with ALS for almost 2 years now, featured on a local news channel. They did a great piece on John and what ALS is and how coragious he has been despite the deterioration of his body and speech - please go to this website to...
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    Play Poker for ALS

    help! Hey Terri & Lee - wishing you the est of luck and look forward to an email from you, explaining how i could run a fundraiser like this -- hope your event goes well - please fill me in as soon as you can because i'd like to do this before the middle of May! Thanks &good luck!
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    MHS v.s. ALS Basketball Game

    big bucks my students in my 5 classes raised $761 to go toward my hair cut - the total contributions were $2,300 for solely the hair cutting .. We are hoping total community contributions will be $10,000 after all consessions and ticket sales etc..... we are still counting! All money raised...