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  • Hi, There - Thank you so much for all the information about the bidet. It was most helpful! You helped us decide to install one. It would require less care for me. We met with the contractor and waiting for an estimate. His input caused us to rethink some things. Need to go over it all again with family, so we all agree. It's so expensive, we can't afford to make mistakes. With two bathrooms and a bed room to do, it's going to be a mess for a several months. Not looking forward to that, but we'll work it out.

    With the name you've chosen: do you listen to a lot of Mozart; play Mozart; conduct Mozart?
    We like classical music, too.

    Thanks again. May blessings abound. B.
    I put his diagnosis date under 'biography'. He was diagnosed April of 2001. I don't see anywhere else to put it. Let me know where it goes. Thanks.
    hi :) would you mind adding your husbands diagnosis date to your profile? When I read one of your posts I see it says joined 2008 but then I have no idea from that if he has had ALS for 8 years or more. I have a lot of trouble remembering the finer details about each person so rely on looking at those little stats! thanks so much
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