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    Butt Pillow

    I do not use my Roho seat cushion on my hospital bed and cannot imagine that it would be helpful for me. It seems to me like it would just create a raised spot that would irritate my bottom when I am relatively flat in the bed. I have a Hill Rom Advance hospital bed with their Dynamicaire...
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    Butt Pillow

    I switched from regular cushions to a RoHo Quadtro Select High Profile seat cushion for the main chair I sit in the house. They are expensive, but it has solved my problem. Just last week I decided that the Roho has to go with us for me to sit on in the car if I am not riding my wheelchair in...
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    Once on Medicare, is it worth keeping cobra coverage?

    This is a very complex area with many things to consider. Your circumstances will surely differ from mine, but I will share my experience so you have a few things to think about. When I went on Medicare, I kept my former company's insurance using COBRA. That COBRA policy was a very good...
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    Sorry to welcome you here, but welcome nonetheless! As so many have said before me, it is a great place full of amazingly helpful folks. Steve
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    How to Gain Weight

    Leading up to diagnosis, I lost 70 pounds. While I was a bit chunky at the start of my journey, my weight loss was alarming to my doctors. When I was first diagnosed, the dietician I saw recommended that I drink/eat tablespoons of olive oil or canola oil. Yuck. I just could not do it. What...
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    Altitude, travel suggestions?

    You asked about flying. I don't know if a power wheelchair is involved, but I will share my experience. I had to take two trips in the January/February timeframe. On 3 out of the 4 legs, my wheelchair was damaged. Cumulatively across those flights, the Permobil C500 needed a new shroud...
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    Altitude, travel suggestions?

    I don't know how much help this will be but... We live in Vail, Colorado. Our house is at 8,530 ft. I regularly make the trip to Frisco and Dillon, which are about 9,000 ft. Most days in the summer I go on wheelchair rides that take me over 9,500 feet. My FVC runs around 18%. Due to the...
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    2019 Fall Trip to Grand Canyon

    Kevin, you have a good eye for motorhomes. Ours is a 2003 Country Coach Intrigue First Avenue Edition. What all that means is that it is a 38 foot long tag axle diesel pusher with extra large window on the passenger side, no ladder in the back, and a few cosmetic tweaks from the base edition...
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    2019 Fall Trip to Grand Canyon

    It has been a month and a half since my last post in this thread. I had intended to post sooner, but life got kind of out of control for awhile. Anyway, here is the next installment. In my previous post, I mentioned that things got pretty exciting for the last part of our trip. Most of this...
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    I continue to get along, but am really worn out from all the stuff we have had to take care of. We got our travel trailer sold to a wonderful couple. We have replaced most of the items that were stolen from our motorhome, but have not yet addressed any of the damage that was done during the...
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    Take a vacation...

    The news reports I have read describe it as a tax credit. The news reports were not clear about whether or not it is per family or per person. Steve
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    Being Referred to An ALS Clinic (23M)

    Hopefully, there will be some other diagnosis that explains the EMG. In the meantime, do as Nikki suggests. She is absolutely right. You not only have the right to the EMG report, you absolutely should have your own copy of it and all other important medical records. Don't trust the...
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    Overdue hello

    Welcome. Since you have been lurking for awhile, you already know what a wonderful and helpful group of folks the members of this forum are. Steve
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    Another Wednesday has flown buy. By now, much of the world is already into Thursday. I continue to do well, but am tired due to the last few weeks being very hectic for us. Our wheelchair van that was stolen and recovered over Thanksgiving has finally been declared a total loss by the...
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    Fit 2B Tied

    I am very sorry you are having to deal with this. An inability to accept that ALS is a progressive disease can lead a PALS to make irrational decisions. If you have not yet seen it, be sure to check out the now-closed thread about Leap2BFit at Leap2bfit That thread does a good job of...