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    Diagnosed on November 1, 2021

    Diagnosed in October - bulbar onset. Was blind sided by it too. Never crossed my mind that it was ALS effecting my speech. Started taking Riluzole in late October after the second opinion confirmed. i haven't done Radicava because my doctor is on the fence about it. Was screened last week...
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    Bulbar diagnosis June 2021

    sorry to hear of your diagnosis Gracey, and the loss of your husband. i was diagnosed in October with Bulbar onset ALS. Got a second opinion at University of Michigan. I too yawn wierd and have found my grinding/clenching has gotten worse. my mouth guard helps but my jaw usually hurts on...
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    Bulbar onset

    New, overwhelmed. Diagnosis confirmed with second opinion this past Tuesday. Started rilutek yesterday. no known side effects right now. The doctor who initially diagnosed me and will be treating me also mentioned Radicava. The doctor who gave me the second opinion said she wasn't impressed...