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  • Heah, I am new here, I just added a picture to my profile.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.Read you older thread "going to Dr to soon. Wondering how you are doing??? What all recent tests have been done if any. How your symptoms have progressed and If they DX you yet with ALS or MND of some kind.
    I'm having lots of trouble w/ motor skills,etc etc. Hoping your story helps me in some way.
    Thanks Bindy
    Hi Suzannj,
    I am new/ read your thread back on going to DR too soon. How are things going??? I'm in that boat/or roller coaster right now. Wondering how it all turned out with you ???
    I,m from the Mtn in Calif . Love gardening/ have 4 gr kids/ grow Jap Maple Trees from seed.
    Love to hear back from you Bindy
    Touch base with me after you catch up, if you have a minute. I am going to be away on vacation for 3 weeks and am determined NOT to sign on during that time but am sure I will fail miserably at it. Hope you are doing better than ok, and enjoying Buffalo's practically "room-temperature" summer (I prefer sweltering heat myself).
    LOL (about your question over on Zaphoon's thread as to how to reply to visitor message. This confuse me too. I think to respond, one is to private message back, or go to the sender's profile page and post visitor response there. (i.e. no, I did not see that you'd answered me until I read what you posted)

    About the hair, I can let it air dry, and it looks fine, but it still waves a little, all of the frizz is completely gone though, so it would be an ok look, but what with the cold weather, I've been blowing it dry. It dries really quick though, and I don't have to section it really, not for smoothness, more just to get the underside dry faster. All in all I'm thrilled with it, and my daughter, who belongs to the VERY curly hair club, had it done when she came out to visit for the holiday. .... I read where you've gotten the mri, here's hoping for something definitive :)
    You're very welcome :)
    I would imagine that because you are very pretty, that having any issues with your face is extremely unsettling . . .I'm so sorry for that. On an upside, I too am a member of the "curly hair and mostly hating it club" and your relaxing process came out great! Do you still have to blow it straight or use an iron? You have a good memory! My MRI of my lower back is tomorrow night, and the follow-up with the neuro is February 5th. I'll update you after! :)
    Thanks for the kind words. (My face is actually getting more and more crooked, my mouth droops a little on the weak side, and that eye doesn't "squinch" when I smile, its the right side of me in photos) How are you doing? Weren't you to go back to the neuro at the beginning of January? Let me know. :)
    Hi suzann,
    I see you are back, I hope all is ok with you! I hear ya on the heels!!! it is a bummer, i cant tolerate them anymore, and I always wore them. even running around with my kids!!! I will suffer in them if I am going out to dinner with hubby. I have bought all new shoes that are more flat and more supportive. Just wanted to say I can relate on the heels....so sad
    Hi Suzann, i too get so mad when my twitching starts up because you cant pretend nothing is wrong when your leg or arm is thumping away, my twitches are not so hard now and are more like the faciculations you see on the internet. Even though its not good at least you cant feel them as much. I remember when i came to the conclusion that no amount of rest or vitamins would make me better. At first i thought if i cut back at work, if i eat healthier blah blah blah...... Nothing. It keeps going but whatever it is, even though it mimics ALS it is not going as fast... I thank God for that every day...
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