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    stemcells I have publically posted on several chats and forums the exact amount I spent, but this one seems to be on a witch's hunt. Anyone interested in this treatment only needs to contact Eden Labs for their cost.As an American Citizen I am used to paying for all treatments ei ther by...
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    stemcells Sorry, can'T edit properly. lol vital are monitored and urine checkED on a regula r Schedule.
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    stemcells I am getting nothing for telling my story, and I pay for the opportunity to pioneer. I have several neurologist here in the US, and my local GP who is on top of everything and available for housecalls if necessary. While at Eden, vitals ar
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    stemcells The Eden Labs study is out for you. My implants were MILLIONS of natal cells.
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    stemcells The cost varies depending on the individual, and I had three IV transplants and one bone marrow transplant. I will also have three boosters during the next year depending on my bloodwork.
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    stemcells Brother, That is a Freudian Joke...LOL try and
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    Dear Friends, I have given much thought as to wheter or not to post this thread. But have decided each of you can decide its importance in your life,not withstanding the moderator Al. Every single one of my neurologists (and I have many) feels that stemcells aRE THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE...
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    HaverforWellness Center

    Since there is NO KNOWN cure for ALS, anyone who says they can help you for any amount of money is a charlatan. You will hear from many people who make false claims. Buyer beware.
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    bipap machines....

    You can find a good Resmed Bipap s/t on Ebay. He will actually need the vpap function. They are going to range from $1000 to $3500. This will be out of pocket and you will own it . If you want insurance to pay for it, you need a prescription and a diagnosed of ALS. Concerning the stem cell...
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    Concerns about breathing....

    breathing problems Dear Susan, I am also a Susan diagnosed 10/04. your father and I seem to have similar symptoms, except I can still walk.. I am 69 and have also opted against life supports, including the tube. I am also progressing more slowly than your dad. I know you are suffering with...
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    Washroom Dignity

    Toto Don't wait until you need it..get one now, it will be the most wonderful purchase for your family. I have the Jasmine washlet and while there isn't a steep learning curve, there is one. Everyone loves it so much, I am going to put one in another bathroom. The biggest surprise of all...
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    what do you do for a PALS's birthday?

    For those CALS amongst us I want you all to know that PALS (or at least his loves manicures, pedicures, facials, and lounge clothes that can be worn day or night without underwear. Also a trip to the beauty shop to have a hair cut is a good thing.
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    I just can't decide?

    I just can't decide One of my good friends on PLM sets his water pic on the lowest level and has his nose cleaned. He is a quad, so his aide must do it, but he thinks it is wonderful. Give it a try and see what you think.
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    Dad Recently Diagnosed -Exploring Possible Causes-Can Anyone Relate?

    I believe that when the cause is determined it will be a combination of spinal cord injury, either sports related or an accident, and environmental contaminants. I feel that everyone should do a lot of research and determine a plan to follow, then follow it. My only suggestion to anyone is to...