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  • Susie girl, What's up? You usually check in on me.. I miss hearing from you. Hope
    you are all right.

    God bless,

    Gentleman Jim
    Susie Pooh, where are you? Hope your Dex appt went ok today, missed you at lunch. 3 more months and we all go on the open label. Love you lots,
    Hello Susan, Back form AZ and the daughters graduation, wondering why the year is screaming by at the speed of light. I appreciate the check in, been off the blog for a while as it gets depressing at times. I will be here more oft now.
    Hi my Susan! How are you Sweetheart? You've been pretty quiet latelt. I saw you named your PWC Fabio! What a hoot! :) I love you you know. x0x0x0
    Dear Damp Susan, Please accept a lifetime supply of Depends, provided FREE of charge from PZ Labs. We will be happy to ship them out to you for shipping and handling charges ONLY in the amount of $321.59..................
    Doug said wait was easy to install. We had an. Electrical outlet put in by the toilet when the bathroom remodel was done.
    Susan, my bidet installed and I love it. Was weird at first but does the job. It 's a Brondell Swash 1000. Doug installed comfort height toilets awhile ago. Hope you get one too,
    I couldn't stop crying last night. Brad just kept hugging. He's a good hugger. I hope her boyfriend is okay. Do you know if she has kids?
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