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  • susan i saw ur post about voice banking and i have trying to use model talker for several months but it keeps tellng me theres too much backround noise. is this why u bought a different headset? i bought the onne they recomended but it didnt help. i did already ask them but i have not recieved an answer.
    Hi Susan, I saw your answer that Dr. Beson is an ALS specialist. I didn't want to freak out in public but I am-freaking out. Does that mean my neuro thinks I have it? I am scared.

    Hi Susan. My. NEuro referred me to Dr. Beson at the MDA clinic. Does he specialize in ALS? I'm afraid to ask. ��
    Hi Susan, I haven't actually been diagnosed yet. My first appt. w/ an ALS specialist is Aug. 27. That's a long time to wait. If I'm diagnosed I'll see about your support group. Are you progressing slowly or quickly? Mine is thankfully very slow-whatever it is has gone undiagnosed for 13 years now. They have ruled everything else out. Thankful for slow progression because I've got two more teen boys to get out of the house. One is 13, one is almost 17. 2 of my 3 uncles died of ALS.
    Thinking about you now that February has arrived with your new living situation. I hope that the transition will bring some pleasant surprises.
    LOL @ South Oklahoma!! Don't you mean you live in the Northern Territory of TX? ;) I have relatives in New Braunfels, Fredericksburg, and San Antonio. Will be seeing them in a couple of weeks when I go to check out the ALS clinic at UTHSCSA. Thanks for the friend request! Take care! :D
    Hi, Susan! I posted more links on the scholarship thread I started. Thought you might be interested! They are worth looking into...Hope you are having a good day! CJ
    Nice to meet you. Fellow Susan here too :) Hang out with us and you'll have your questions answered and meet some sweet people. Join us on the come to tea thread. We just chat about whatever, it's fun.
    Just looked again and noticed you are an Okie also. Do you go to the clinic at Southwest Integris and see Dr. Beson?
    Hello Susan10, glad to meet you. Sorry you have to be here but this is the most awesome place to share in this journey called ALS. Feel free to ask ?s, laugh, cry, rant, rave, or whatever you need to do.
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