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  • Hi surf,

    Reading your posts, let me add my opinion. We are not Dr.s here, although some of the members do have a pretty good working knowledge of this disease. Some are even nurses, professors, etc.

    I am none of the above, just a regular guy. I wanted to say, however, that;

    #1) your dad is 85 and can still do 50 deep knee bends every other day. Ten reps of lifting heavy books above his head. Ten reps of getting in and out of bed!?

    #2) he just came off of a very powerful drug, and, has rheumatoid arthritis.

    #3) has some atrophy in his legs, but still has appreciable strength in his feet. Can walk, talk, eat.

    These symptoms do not sound at all like als to me. But don't take my word for it, listen to your Dr.s. And, if they think he has ANY chance of having als, they will refer him to a neurologist/specialist.

    You don't just jump into a diagnosis of als.

    If you are a mother, have a Happy Mother's Day!

    Hang tough
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