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  • Thanks for the welcome. I miss spoke when I said some what clean was actually the NC test in my calf that was a little off....I have since had the emg on my left arm and 4 muscles came back abnormal which prompted doc to test my upper left leg and that too was abnormal...he wasn't able to offer a cause and had me have all the labwork done...i'm waiting on those.
    As for ent...he said from what he could see, they looked okay because they both moved...but he said if both are slightly weakened he can't compare the two. He said it could be spasms that weren't happening when he observed them. he just quickly looked at then with scope in office.....I thought there were other more thorough ways to observe the larynx.
    anyway...that's where I am....waiting for lab results and trying to keep positive
    Hi there,

    You don't appear to have gotten much of a welcome, so welcome!

    Just curious, when you say you had a "mostly clean" EMG, what exactly does that mean? Was there anything concerning? As well, the voice issues you've noticed, you said they came on slowly - what kind of time frame are you talking about? I've had an intermittent hoarse voice for the last couple of months, and am really hoping it's nothing.

    What are your other issues? Swallowing?

    How come the ENT was not able to say if there was anything amiss with your vocal cords? From what I've read previously, if they were weak/atrophied, it would be something visible to the ENT.

    Hope to hear from you!
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