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  • Hello! I am a biomedical engineering student, and this semester, a partner and I are working to develop a method to prevent feeding tubes from clogging (especially when administering medication). I have spent some time shadowing in an ALS clinic, where I first became aware of the issue of clogged PEG and J tubes, and became passionate about addressing it. We would like to learn more from patients or caregivers with firsthand experience handling feeding tubes, in order to determine design criteria and ensure that we design something that would actually be helpful and valuable to users. If you'd be willing to provide your input, let me know and I'd love to private message you. Thank you!
    Hey! I wanted to PM you and talk Doctors with you...I think you have to friend me to let me pm you.
    Hi! My name is Kim and my father was diagnosed in May with ALS. He is 78. His started in his leg when he started falling. Dad is still able to talk and eat on his own. His speech does get a little slurred at times especially when he's tired. I am 46 and married with three children. We have twins (boy/girl) who are 15 and then a 9 year old boy. How is your mom getting along? Kim (Skipper)
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