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  • Hi Sherry,
    How are you doing? I'm doing ok. I'm anxious for spring to get here. My dad is doing pretty good. We went to see him in Dallas for a few days in Dallas the first of January. We came home to Illinois to a major ice/snow storm here in Illinois. The kids were out of school for a entire week. The assistant living facility that my dad lives in is absolutely beautiful but it is extremely expensive. Luckily, his VA benefits pay for some of it. He lives about 5 minutes from my brother's home. My brother and sister take him out alot to dinner, the movies, church, and to their kids sporting events. He is anxious for warmer weather so he can go outside more and sit on his patio. Take care, Kim
    Hi Sherry,
    How are you doing? I'm still going through this whole divorce crap still. It's been nine months and the only thing he's done so far is serving me with the papers. My dad's birthday is on Wednesday and it will also be our 20th Wedding anniversary. Not that the anniversary will probally matter to him. Our twins will turn 16 on the 19th and will be getting their driver's licenses. Yikes Take care, Kim
    Sherry, I wanted to let you know that Joe passed away last Sunday the 11th. He developed a C Diff infection and a UTI and didn't respond to the 4 antibiotics that they had him on and became septic. I didn't expect him to pass. I truly thought that he would respond to the antibiotics and I would be able to take him home but God had other plans. He wanted to be cremated and interred at the Mississippi Veteran's Cemetery so we are doing that and will have his Memorial service there this Friday the 23rd. His obituary is on the Austin and Bell Funeral Home website.
    Hi Sunewun,
    I like the user name that you picked out. How are things going for you? My dad is currently in Dallas, Texas visiting my brother and sister. My niece is in a volleyball tournament that he wants to watch. She is really good. She is only a sophomore and has had 20 colleges contact her so far wanting her to play for them. Dad seems to be holding steady right now. He just got his first power wheelchair the other day through the VA. He is slowly learning how to maneuver it. We tell him to stay clear of his pool with it. Take care, Kim
    Hi! How are things going for you? I saw where you like to read . Do you ever read Danielle Steel books? I just got done reading Until The End Of Time. It was pretty good. I also like to read some Nora Roberts, John Grishaam, and Nicholas Sparks.
    I am glad that we are finally getting warmer weather here in Central Illinois. My dad was able to get out and attend a few of our youngest son's baseball game. Dad's progression seems to be slowing down lately. You never can really tell with this darn disease. Take care of youself, Kim
    Yes, I'm doing fine. ALS just chips away. Just the same as yesterday or last week. Weaker biceps and legs since November. It is what it is. Hope you are still doing well.
    I'm doing well. Little things going. breathing still oK. Fingers not what they were a few months ago. FloydP isn't doing well. Very fast progression. Been bed ridden since mid Nov. I hope he makes it till summer. We talk nearly every day. Life is good and today is terrific.
    O.K., sunewun,

    I hope you are not too offended by any of my posts.....I certainly do not mean any harm to anyone. I've been on several threads, but my biggest thing right now is probably the stupid joke thread (trying to lighten up a few faces). Since I'm no expert on this disease, and don't have too much experience even in the care giving department yet, I can't contribute much in the way of 'clinical advice'. My wife is very independent, as most people are, and wants to do everything for herself as long as she can, naturally. I mainly have been carrying her heavy backpack, doing all the driving, house cleaning, and trying to help her with the cooking......which is a little dangerous.....
    Anyway, I hope you are doing well (considering), and that you continue to 'give and take' from this forum.
    Hello sunewun,

    It takes me a while, but I finally get around the room. I see that you are from Camden, a fellow Tennessean. I have been trying to learn about this disease for a while now, as we think my wife has it, or some version thereof. This forum is a great place to come, listen and learn. I just wanted to say 'hey', since we're so close here in Nashville.
    Hi Sherry,
    How are you doing? I'm really not doing the best. I'm staying at my dad's due to some marital issues. I am having less anxiety though about my dad since I am now right there seeing what is going on. Dad is doing so-so I'd say. It's hard to gauge with this disease. He is losing more strength is his arms lately. He went out of town to get a pulmonary function test and get his bi-pap machine adjusted. The doctor said his lungs and everything were still good and that dad didn't really need the bi-pap yet. But, they gave it to him just in case. You are in my prayers. Take care, Kim
    Hi Sherry,
    How are things going for you? We had a nice Christmas Eve with my father and then I worked on Christmas day. My dad caught the flu a few days after Christmas but thankfully he went to the doctor and got on a strong antibiotic and is doing fine now. The VA finally got his wheelchair ramp installed this week to the front of his house. It is metal and very nice. We plan on taking out to the movies and things more when flu season is over and the weather is nicer. Our kids just went back to school yesterday after a long Christmas break. They were pretty tired this morning. Take care, Kim
    Hi Sherry,
    How are things going for you? My dad is back staying at his home which is about a mile from us. We were lucky and a family friend said he would be his full-time caregiver. Dad is starting to lose strength now in his arms and can only use a few fingers on each hand. It is so frustrating for him. He gets upset if he snaps back at any of us and feels guilty. I don't take it personally when he's having a bad day. He's doing the best he can and most of the time makes the best of everyday. Take care, Kim
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