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    After nearly ten months of convincing myself I had everything from carpal tunnel, to lyme disease, I was finally diagnosed with ALS almost one week ago. Although I was told over one month ago by my first neurologist that he was pretty certain I had it and referred me to an ALS specialist. Now, two MRI's, chest scans, endless lab-work, and a spinal tap later, I have officially been diagnosed. I am fortunate to have an experienced doctor I really like and supportive and encouraging family and friends, but I am still scared. They tell me I am so strong, but at night when I am alone with a million of thoughts and doubts running circles in my head I feel like a helpless child. I'm 32 and single. I want to stay hopeful and positive, but sometimes it takes all of my strength (mentally) to get out bed and start my day and live normally. Many of the posts I have read here have been so encouraging, and I hope to continue to find strength through others living with ALS.

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