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  • My journey really started about two and a half years ago, when I finally went to the Dr at my wifes request. My left leg had atrophy for at least a year before I went to the Dr. I was diagnosed with ALS on April 29th, 2008 by general neuro. Six months later at the MDA clinic I saw two different ALS specialist, both confirmed not ALS. One thought maybe adult onset SMA or maybe an unusual variety of CMT. The older more experienced Dr said Monomelic Amyotrophy. I do have a family history of something neurological. My father and grandfather both have/had something. Grandfather passed away at 89 and my Father is now 76 and almost crippled. He doesn't care to go to the Dr to find out. I hope you find the answers you seek.
    Yes, my DX is still Monomelic Amyotrophy, I really have had very little progression, however I do twitch on my other leg. Of course I am super sensitive to anything like that now. I also get cramps in my other foot not sure if that means it is moving to the right leg. It certainly could be worse, I hope yours progression is slow. If you have to have a motor neuron disease the Monomelic Amyotrophy is the one to have.
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