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  • God bless you Steve. I hope that you and your children have peaceful days ahead, and that life treats you with generosity.
    hey steve jeff here just dropping you a note of care for ya drop me a lin private or whatever jeffp
    Hey Steve My name is Paul My wife has had ALS symptoms since oct of 2004 and was diagnosed June 2005 She is still at home I take care of her and my two daughters. I noticed you are a musician. I am a drummer and i love to hear what i believe to be recording with vintage equipment. This Whole ALS mess is really tough I struggle with it in many ways. I miss playing drums and have started picking up classical guitar. The drums were to loud for the house and my wife, but i still get a lot of workouts on my practice pad. I hope you and your wife are doing well. give me a shout if you want to chew thge fat. take it easy
    hi steve just wondering how your doing at that kind of stuff iv read some of your blogs and see alot in your head thati understand it that means anything drop me a line here or private if you want to talk jeffp
    steve it is so good to hear from you how the heck are you doing and your on the other side of the fence i have the als as your wife does .how do you keep it together without just snapping my wife just seems to shut that part down and store it in her head .i relly need to know how it affects you or better yet you and my wife could shat and get that stuff out .i dont know what to say but i do know your carring alot of hurt it affects the whole family jeffp
    well steve i hope all is well with your wife and you i havent heard from you still waiting for a reply jeffp
    hi steve my name is jeffp i was dx aug09 with bulbar als.ive been here on this forum since dec so im still new to it .this is a horrible disease to deal with i hope and prat your wife is doing ok and fighting the fight the best she know its weird but if you got the time im always here to listen . im married 8 years have children and grand children .i can see the pain my wife feels when she looks at me and it is so sad .how are you dealing with it .your in the same situation as my wife . drop me a line and let me ask you to be on my friends list jeffp
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