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  • Yes, the EMG would have picked-up something in your legs. If it was clean, then you simply have to accept that it is clean. I am not a physician. I have a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences and I teach in a medical school, so the advice I give is by no means "medical advice" but it is informed advice, never-the-less. Please relax and let your docs determine what is happening.
    Hello Steve. Nothing you've shared points towards ALS. Your symptoms are too widespread in too short a period of time. The pain you're experiencing is not the pain someone with ALS experiences. All of your tests that would point in the direction of ALS have been negative: your EMG's are clean, you have no weakness and your reflexes and muscle tone are normal (I know this because you didn't mention any reflex or muscle tone signs being detected by your neuro). Put all of that together, and you simply do not have ALS. Given the body-wide nature of your condition and how quickly it has happened, points to something viral or autoimmune in my opinion. Have you seen a rheumatologist or infectious disease doc? One other thing: it doesn't sound life-threatening at all . . . life-altering for the time being (the time being meaning, very good chances that you will heal in time and be just fine). One last thing: I can guarantee you that your anxiety is making your symptoms worse.
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    Can anyone help me with information on how I can post a message for WRIGHT?

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