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    MS breakthrough with Chemotherapy and Stem Cells

    There has been a breakthrough in a MS Canadian trial that uses Chemotherapy to kill off the immune system and stem cells re implanted. I know they are different diseases but could a trial be set up to see if this therapy would work with people who have ALS.
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    Aunt Passed Away

    Thanks for the kind words but me and my Aunt (on mothers side) don't buy it.With the family history and the speed of progression along with one of the Doctors saying they had never seen Parkinson's progress so fast,it has ALS/mND all over it. When I gave the blood for research I was told that I...
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    Waiting for DNA results for dad

    My Mother had FTD before the onset of MND and although I have given blood for research,I have not been told if I have that Gene. Other members of the family who have passed,did not have the FTD
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    Aunt Passed Away

    I have a strong familial link on my mothers side to ALS/MND where several people have passed away from the disease. My Aunt(mothers sister) has recently passed away from Parkinsons (apparently) However,I suspect that this was a misdiagnosis as the disease from start to finish only lasted 2 years...
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    Unspecified hereditary and idiopathic peripheral neuropathy?

    I have a family history of MND/ALS and was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and have had problems with my sensory nerves for which I take Pregabalin .
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    Oral Sodium Chlorite

    Spoke with my Neuro today about OSC.He was not happy that some have decided to give this a go but then he isn't the one with nothing to lose.I referred to the NP001 trial and he said that there are many components to it not just 1 and he likened OSC activated with citric acid as nothing better...
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    Phase III: Dexpramipexole

    That should say collected
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    Phase III: Dexpramipexole

    Spoke with Neurologist here in the UK today and he doesnt expect the the DEX trial to start again untill October.The reason given for this is that the data from phase 2 has not been followed yet.
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    Neurologist appointment brought forward

    To clear things up a little Twitching muscles for 2 years,now with aching leg muscles,some stiffness in legs and lower back,electrical shocks which happen mostly in back or trunk area. Family history of M N D Hope this clears up what they are looking for
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    Neurologist appointment brought forward

    In January I had some blood taken to check my CK levels and I also agreed for some to be taken and tested for a faulty chromosome 9 that is found in familial MND.this week I had a brain MRI and was also injected with a dye to give a better contrast.I was given an appointment to return to the...
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    Why another MRI

    I have had my spine scanned so why does my Neuro want a scan of my head?
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    Possible new treatment for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

    I have been on it a month but have not seen any improvement and haqve increased my dosage of Pregabalin to 300mg/day. I will stick with the Ashwagandha and may double the dose to see if that works. Bare in mind I have not yet been diagnosed but am due back at the Neurologist next week.
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    Possible new treatment for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

    THAT Should be SOLGAR vitamin and Herb
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    Possible new treatment for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

    I believe this can be found in a food supplement called ASHWAGANDHA root extract and Withania Somnifera here in the UK but you can get it from a company called solar Vitaminand Herb,in the US. Have taken my first one today and if it works I wil stop taking all the other medication I am on currently.