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  • Hi my parents have liked both doctors including dr joyce but the rest of the clinic is terrible. They won't return calls etc etc I just got off the phone from the ALS foundation back east. She is calling the ALS chapter in Sacrmento for help. I am just disappointed that the ALS clinic hasn't even cared to check in on my mom once she was too weak to make the trek to Sacramento. what is MDA? My parents are so against anything that it's like pulling teeth but now my mom can't do anything since her left hand went as well. My mom was enjoying playing games against all of us on the ipad but now can't so I'm trying to find means that she can do that again. So any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel were out there alone
    Hello from Rocklin. We're practically neighbors! I don't want to post about a doc in the open forum, but the doc we really like at UCD is Dr. Joyce. She's been very practical and proactive with us--the direct opposite of our experience there before her. And we've had great response from MDA as well. Lots of info on their site on ALS and caregiving. I had an urgent need several weeks ago and called our local ALSA but never got a response. Called MDA the next day and got a call back within an hour and a follow-up call a few days later. Are you registered with MDA? If not, call them and get registered so they can help you with equipment help as well. They are right in Roseville: 916-921-9518. I'll watch for you on the forum here until we can message one another.
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