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  • Clint,
    I am the same way, I do not get on this site too much. Sorry to hear about your fall and torn ligament. I have fallen 5 or 6 times and luckily haven't had more than just bruises. I use my cane all of the time and a walker around the house. I am still working, but it gets more difficult. If I was in a manual labor job I would be on disability as I cannot stand long periods or walk long distances. I did buy a Segway so that I can still go around the neighborhood. If you ever want to compare notes, etc. you can call me 937-875-0595 take care,
    (sorry, last msg went over character max)-I can definitely tell that my condition has worsened but not sure to what degree since my daily routine has changed so drastically since the first of the year. Anyway, keep in touch, good to talk to someone who can understand what I'm feeling. - Clint
    Hi Stan, sorry to just be getting back to you, I don't come around here very often because after reading a few posts I just get depressed. There's also a few folks here that are just down right mean. It does sound like we're in the same boat, I'm headed back to the MS/MND clinic at UTSW in October. I've had to take on a new job since all of this because I'm a safety hazard, lol! I went back to a company I worked for in my twenties, great benefits and I get to sit all day. I've just been throwing myself in to that and trying to manage as best as possible. I took a tumble the first week of July (after refusing to take the elevator) and tore the ligament that connects the thumb to the rest of the hand right off the bone, so surgery to reattach that and still in a cast. Needless to say, it's elevators and my pretty new cane I picked up in Honduras while on vacation.
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