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  • Hi Helen! True, I haven't been around much. Thanks for the hello. How are you? yes, I mean that question :)
    Hi Sharlene!Haven't seen much of you lately, so thought I'd come over to say hello... Hope you had a nice weekend.
    I do want to thank you so much for you very informative message to me. I printed this entire forum to bring to my mom. All the equipment you list is helpful in knowing that we may have to use it. Yes, I am in the Keweenaw :) Mom is 1/2 way between Mqt and Big Bay. It sounds like you know the UP :) We are going to see her today so she can see the kids. Thank you agina for all your helpful advice.
    To get rid of the wasps . . . probably so not appropriate but someone I know threw gas down and lit it. Yikes! Wait till it rains more, though. But they are right at the corner of our house so on the internet we searched 'ground wasps' and found info. If you pour ammonia in their holes at night (after 9:30 or 10) when they are back in the nest, it will get rid of them. We need to keep doing it each night because they 're-build' but we're winning. :0) I guess eventually they give up or die from the ammonia. BUT you need to watch in case they move somewhere else. We're going to be building a deck and ramp right where they're at so they've GOT to go. :0)
    The ALS Conf in Flint is at the Holiday Inn Gateway Centre, 5353 Gateway Centre Drive, Flint, Mi. Starts at 9, will have the Project Freedom guy, then a talk from a family member of a pALS about their family's journey since diagnosis, and then Lisa will talk about Communication Options for pALS. It'll wrap up just after noon.
    Yes, saw you showed up at Tea. (one of these days I'll join in the conversation there) Glad to see you back. It's been so hot here!! We have ground wasps and are trying to get rid of them. Read ammonia will do it. We're trying it. Plan on re-doing the bathroom soon (better to do it earlier than needed). May go to the ALS Conference tomorrow in Flint as I want to see how that Freedom Works rail/lift thing works and they're doing a demo on it there.
    Hi, I'm not too far from Midland. Let's have dinner!

    Dad passed away last month. Pretty crazy disease eh? Mom is going to stay here with me. I've been busy helping her with the amazing million things that need to be done. I painted her room last weekend. She wanted purple and it actually came out really nice. Three walls are light lavender and the wall with the window is a much darker shade - berry.

    I'm glad to hear you're still getting around. Slow is clumsy is OK!

    e-mail me or call me when you know when you might have free time here!
    Howdy Shar! I'll be in Grand Rapids on Sept 21-24 and then in Midland for a few days and then I think we're going to Mackinac Island for a couple days. Where will you be? Maybe we can meet for dinner or something? I'm doing well. My legs are getting weaker but I'm still getting around albeit slowly and clumsy but I'm still moving. :). How are you? How is your Dad?
    Hi Sharlene, I know we have missed you. How are you doing, Busy I bet. I am doing ok, crunched feet healing, arms are in question these days but all is well with my soul....I Hope! Don't go away to often. {{{HUGS}}}
    Thanks, Nice to meet you. I filed for social security disability and got that approved. I start getting payments in late Dec. I go to the Vanderbilt ALS section in July for a second opinion. I am weak in my right leg and right arm. I guess I am in the early stages of ALS. I get fatigued easily. I have to make sure that I am eating four meals a day or I drop pounds. I like this forum. I have learned a lot. All the best to you and your family and your fight with ALS. It is a terrible disease but you meet so many nice people.......take care.....cheers....fp
    Sharlene - so glad to see you posting. Hope things are going well for you. Husband and I off to Niagara for the 4th! It's so HOT today! :) Doesn't look like it will cool off anytime soon so I hope it's cooler by the Falls this weekend. Having trouble with my left leg - ordered an AFO and got some tips from other pALS on how to manage my knee pain until my AFO shows up.
    I'll be in Grand Rapids in September for ArtPrize. We're pretty hot and smoky here so far this summer. Yes, lots of friends and family visiting. I hope you're doing well Sweet Shar!! xoxoxxoxoxoxo!
    st123 - thinking of you today. From your pictures and posts, you and your Dad had a loving relationship. You were a good daughter. Wishing you the best on this difficult day.
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