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    For the last few days I've been trying to breath deeper and I've only had one headache.I guess I've been breathing shallow without knowing it.Thanks for the help. Michael
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    I still have good upper body strength.I can sneeze, cough and sing(I'm singing Ain't No Grave this Sunday )I don't have the lung capacity I used to but I don't seem to have problems breathing.The headaches come on sudden and strong then dissipate in 30 min or so.I have not been to clinic maybe...
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    I've been diagnosed with als. My first symptoms (cramping,sore calf muscles and balance)started about a year ago. I am still walking though not very good but i can do chores to help my wife around the house. My question is about bladder control and pain. I can't go all night without getting up...
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    Just Diagnosed

    My doctor is trying to get me in Emory to confirm.