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  • Hello sprybrry,

    I don't have als (my wife does), so this may not fit you......but, for your 'going' issue, it is probably something to do with your prostate. Almost ALL men will have some kind of prostate problem sometime in their lives.
    Easy to get a PSA test (blood sample), check your levels....4.0 is the line, under is good, over is concerning. Actually, they start worrying in the 3.4,5,6 range. Don't ignore this, because it is an easy fix if you catch it early.
    My Dr. has me on Doxazosin Mesylate, 2mg tablets, twice a day.......works great! I can make it through the night if I go just before laying down......I'm good until around 6:00 or 7:00.....I'll take that!

    Hope that helps......cheap, quick, easy fix. Check it out.

    Oh, headaches could be from shortage of oxygen.....you may need to consider BiPap, just guessing.
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