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  • Hi Jack,

    Glad to hear you had the chance to go to Florida, and happy to hear that Sharon is doing well. Sorry your leg has worsened and hope you can keep the strength to keep moving around. Baclofen helps me alot and I am still on 10mg 3x day. We had a 80th birthday party for my mother-in-law at the American Legion Hall in North Branch on 4/14. My husband and son left a few days before me as I had my 3 month check up at the University. Traveling alone was a bit of a challenge. I had wheelchair assistance at the Seattle and Minneapolis airports. I could not have walked the distance without help.

    Last week I had a bad fall at work. Just stepped back after drying my hands in the women's restroom and down I went on the hard tile floor. I bruised my hip and tail bone pretty good. I'm still sore from the fall, but should be better soon.

    Yes, I do want to see you in July when I'm there again! I'll be in Duluth from July 11-17 then to North Branch July 18-21. Louise
    Hello Jack,
    How are things with you? Hope you are enjoying Florida. It's just about as warm in Minnesota right now. Looking forward to our family visit there in about 3 weeks. Hope you and your wife are managing okay. Louise
    Great! Yes, I will keep in touch and check here too. July will work well as we will have more time in MN. Will be spending most of the time in Duluth.
    Hi Louise, this will work fine. Took me a bit to find this. I'm doing fine and hope the same to you. At this point, lets plan on your July visit unless we're still here in April. I will check back here often. Take care and thanks for your concerns.
    Hi Jack, just wanted to touch base and exchange our contact info if you'd like. We can send private messages here. Hope you are doing okay. Looking forward to talking more.
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