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  • HI Stu, Thank You soooo Very much! Blessings do come to those who wait. Bless you all that help so many. ((((HUGS)))).
    Hi Stu,
    I am glad that we are able to help. We just booked Palm Springs for February so hopefully you will be able to come down for a visit. Bev
    Stu, I should not have made that comment as others can not see your name attached to it right away, make an other comment so they will take notice of your name there, and see what you have done to help in a helpless situation, again. Thank you again Love & Hugs
    Hi Stu, just dropping by to say you and your angels are keeping busy making us folks with ALS happy by providing us the means to live our lives more fully. THANK YOU! and I keep you in my prayers!
    For those lookinbg for equipment, please fill out a grant request.
    1. Go to ALSGuardianAngels.com
    2. On top, click on the "GRANTS" button.
    3. Scroll down to "grant application"
    4. Fill it out and hit send button.

    Thanks for your cooperation.
    Hi, I was wondering about the powerchair, any more information on it would be helpful. I am waiting to hear from SSDI and Medicare for 6 months now so I dont know if they can help me with mobility because my situation is so unusual. The MDA does not have any at this time for me. But my other problem is transporting one also. So I am in a catch 22, but one at a time. Thank you so very much.
    Hello, my brother has bulbar ALS for fours years now (40 years old) and we are having extreme difficulties with communication. Could you please let me know if the dynavox system comes with eyemax accessory? Please respond to my email address [email protected]. We really need one and time is of the essence here. Thank you, Regards, Art
    Wow your organisation reaches out many miles. I had no idea. We have been very blessed to get most of our key equipment on loan from the irish motor neuron disease association. The only thing I'm on the look out for at the moment is a website or medical supplier through which I could buy bubble fit tubing for a suction machine. If you have any web addresses or contact info for that I'd be really glad to have it.

    Again thanks for being there for us. I guess there's a story about how the als guardian angels came to be...? I hope one day to do something to give back for all we've received. But right now just trying to live the present as well as I can.
    Stu. Just saw your response to Missy's thread and wanted to say thanks for being there. I am way to far away to benefit from your foundation but my heart just leapt to see how you responded. People like you really are the help we need. Your foundation is aptly named. Thanks.
    Hi stu, I left a message on the sight about equipment and That I am in need of a caugh ass machine. Lori emailed me and said I should email you so that is what I am doing. I have bulbar onset and have been dx for two years now. I have a suction machine but the buildup of saliva is getting so bad that it just isn't keeping up. Italk to Barry lots and we are just about at the same place with this awful disease. Trying real hard to stay positive but it is getting harder every day now that my arms and hands are giving out on me. Anyway just wanted to be considered for the caugh ass machine. Thanks for all you do to help all us pals. Hugs, Linda
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