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  • I recently started a blog.....andicrazylifeals.com . It's basically my therapy and a way to reach out to others going through the same things as me.
    It's hard with all the different ages as your kids need to adjust differently but with love they will probably all amaze you. I'm glad you are progressing slowly with those kiddies to look after. Even more reason to remember energy limitations and safety with those gorgeous kids.
    Glad you enjoyed the koala page, feel free to hit like and come back again.
    No photos going up today we are on the tail of tropical cyclone Marcia, and I'm thankful it is only the tail as my property may be cut off from town tomorrow. I did shop yesterday and stocked up on all I will need so that's fine. xx Tillie
    I do have a cottage garden where I grow a lot of herbs and flower and at the moment it has cucumbers, zuccinis, beans capsicum and pumpkin too.
    The bulk of the property is native habitat regeneration for koalas.
    If you do fb you can see the page for my property at facebook.com/koalagardens

    My husband was a mad gardener too, I so miss doing it all with him, but it's also comfort to me to continue on so many of our dreams. xx Tillie
    I'm so glad you are being busy with your kids, what a wonderful investment :)
    Mowing is a big part of my life as I mow what part of about 2 acres is not taken up by the house and many gardens. The other 12 acres is regenerating and I just slash paths through it.
    I hope you are truly learning not to overdo it, I can't say strongly enough that it just isn't worth it. xxx Tillie
    If you send me an email at [email protected] I can send you the link to start a team or join a team. Either way I'd like to meet you there. I've had a lot of support from a big family and lots of friends since we're all feeling pretty devastated. My left leg is worse lately so im heading to pool and hot tub even in the rain today.
    Yes. My team is Kay's Shining Stars and you can look us up. I would love to meet you there, if you are coming.
    I would be happy to meet with you and share everything I've learned the past year while reading everything out there on this disease.
    Just wanted to say hello. I am here in Tucson and would meet you somewhere for lunch or coffee if you would like to talk. I've been fighting this for a year now and still drive, walk with brace and cane, talk, eat, etc. I may be able to answer some of your questions. I also do a pool workout every day and light weights and think that helps. Let me know if you'd like to meet.
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