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    Any thoughts? ALS Symptoms?

    misdiagnosed Hello everyone: I just wanted to write a note and thank everyone that has been supportive over the past 7 months when I was given the ALS diagnosis. I went to a new hospital and new doctor and was diagnosed as not having ALS but instead an auto immune connective tissue disease. I...
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    EMG/Muscle biopsy

    Sunshine: I too am going to go to Pennsylvania Hospital. I had gone to Hahnamen and although the Dr. was good, I felt she did have the time to answer my questions. I have had several people tell me Pennsylvania was the best place to go. So good luck slkfocus
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    Need Help: "getting your affairs in order" (what does that mean?)

    disability you can go on the web site for social security and when you look up the qualifications for disability, you will see that if you have been diagnosed with ALS you get approved immediately because ALS has been considered a disease that is covered. It states that the 5 month wait is not...
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    BULBAR ALS Questions

    pbp or als Hi: My symptoms started overnight in Feb of this year. One day i could talk, next slurred. Two weeks later I age a sandwich one day and choked the next. Primary doctor looked at me 3 times and said he saw nothing. My arthritis doctor had ordered blood tests and my CK level was...
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    Ice Cream

    hi my dietician gave me some good smoothie ideas: 1 cup sherbet (mixed berry yummy) 1/2 cup milk 1/2 tsp vanilla blend well 422 calories 6 grams of protein 1 1/2 vanilla ice cream 1/2 cup milk 1 pack of hot chocolate mix 2 teaspoons of sugar blend 600 calories 24 grams of protein these...
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    Living with a PUG (Feeding Tube)

    Hi there I do am contemplating getting a feeding tube. I can still eat as long as its heavy food and drink heavy drinks. My dietician said not to drink water or "thin drinks" since they are easier to swallow into the wrong pipe. She also suggessted a thickening agent that makes your drink...
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    Anybody out there with slowly progressing PBP?

    newly diagnosed Hello: I am a 54 year woman. I just got the diagnosis of PBP by my 2nd doctor. My symptoms came on hard and fast. Last September had major flare up of arthritis, December a bad chest cold and in February I notice my voice was hoarse but I did have that cold. One day in Feb I...