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  • Why have you been on here so long? Your log in says since 2013. If you truly had ALS you probally would be pretty advanced right now that you couldn't even type. It usually doesn't work that slow. I don't know why you are on here bothering people who have a terminal illness. People have repeatedly answered your questions. If you don't believe us you should see your own physician. You aren't showing anyone respect. This isn't a game we are playing. The people are here have a terminal illness and you don't according to your symptoms. If you did have ALS there isn't much you could do about it anyway. Because, I'm sorry there isn't a cure out there.
    Cts should be accompanied by a failed sensory nerve conduction study.... Which along with a clean EMG should be enough to eliminate ALS... ALS is not a sensory disease and the EMG should show denervation and certain patterns.
    They main symptom and only symptom is the muscle twitching ,, That is what they all focused on:(
    hope you got my first post.. I am new at this forum stuff. The first post explained all his symptoms
    I have done HOURS AND HOURS of research... there are SOOOO many other causes or diseases that mimic ALS..... from thyroids, nerves in neck ( which my brother has 6 compressed in c3 c4 c5 c6) to vitamin B defiency ... I hope this info helps. Diagnosing ALS is an emotional roller coaster. There is no specific test to run,,, it is either elimnate others causes, or kinda the wait and see. 4 neuro all saw something the others did, did not or had diff opinons. sorry this is so long, but I want you to fully understand the confusion of determing ALS or not. Please do not think you have ALS based on my information about my brother. 6 months have passed and he still has muscle twitching, but no other symptoms..... Prayers heading your way...if you feel like you need to talk, I do not mind giving you my email so i can give u my call #. My brother has alot of faith in God, and has a big heart....
    My 1st symptom was clinical weakness in my dominant hand. Actually dropped chopsticks, which is an unusual until you realize I grew up in Honolulu and could use chopsticks before I could use a fork. I then couldn't open water bottles or things like that. When he did relocate my ulnar nerve, he found that a good 14 inches of it was flat and gray and has left me with a killer scar. It got better for a while then it got worse. That's what off I went to the neurology team at the University of Virginia. After several EMGs back-and-forth between neurology and neurosurgery the neurosurgeon fused to bi level area in my distal cervical spine, and we thought that was the end of it. My presumptive diagnosis was in 2009 with the definitive in 2011. I do know the ulnar nerve was bad. I do know my neck needed fusing. We can all have different things happening at the same time coming from different systems. Hope that helps.
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