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  • I think you are going in the wrong direction. The intestine has fingers that move the stool. If its pudding it can't do the job. Pudding and you have to strain. Consider eliminating the laxative, suppository, enema for a few days. Use some citracel or metamucal, follow directions, heaping tablespoon morning and one in afternoon and see if that thickens the pudding and less straing. I have been through this
    I was searching through the forum to find someone similar to me. I am 27 and have been the primary care giver to my mother in law who has ALS. MY friends are wonderful and are there for me, but they cannot relate. I was specifically looking to chat with someone who is around my age and going through the same situation.

    Let me know if that would be ok


    I've read your posts and questions- Just wanted to tell you that the best thing my family and I ever did after my own diagnoses was to watch a video on youtube. It's called "ABC's of ALS"- 3 part series. It is so helpful and explains everything. While the camera angles are not the best- the crucial information is well presented by the Director at Forbes Norris ALS Research & Treatment Center.

    In answer to your query today- that's where I learned some ALS patients pass away without having loss the ability to walk.
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