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  • Hey there beautiful

    Yes I am having a very nice weekend. The weather has been great. My garden is getting off to a good start. I hope your weekend is great too. Love ya
    Hey, thanks for dropping by. I read all the Authors that you mentioned plus hundreds of others. The weather is really starting to warm up finally but we had a hard rain yesterday. I hope things go well for your Dad. I am progressing slowly but am losing strength in my right leg now. I fell Sunday and sprained my ankle and tore a ligament. They put a big boot on it. I stay in my chair most of the time but can't get it into the bathroom and usually don't take it to the bedroom because it is so tight in there. Take care. Talk to you again soon.
    Hi Kim,
    Sorry this has taken so long! I'm in the middle of new floors...couldn't stand the carpet any longer and the accident settlement came at the right time...I've been scheduling the installation, the finishing carpenters and finally the painters are here today! Melissa and I looked at fabric and couches to replace the dinosaur couches sent away...that was fun! I've never done anything like that...most of my furniture has been early hand-me-down... My knee replacement is scheduled for June 18th and I can't wait...I'm tired of the pain, ugh!

    I am sorry to hear that you and Brian are divorcing, but I am glad that you are getting along...that makes things so much easier! The kids are probably doing better with less stress? My teacher friends are finishing off their school years in the next several weeks too! Your Dad sounds like he's pretty stable for the moment...what a relief for you! I'm still calm and peaceful which I'm thankful for....
    Talk to you soon,
    Hi Kim! You sound good! I'm in Texas until the 25th with family. I miss my husband, cat and house! But I love my Mom and sibs and they love me thank God. I'm glad your Dad is making the best of things. It's what we do in order to stay mentally and spirtually healthy. It also helps with the physical stuff as well. I hope you're taking care of yourself Kim!
    Hi Kim

    I am glad you had a nice mothers day. I had a nice one too. My boys fixed me dinner and my hubby took me fishing. I watched the 3rd season of Downton Abbey on dvd. Very nice and quiet day. have a good week!!
    Hi Kim,

    Just thought I'd drop in, see how you're doing. Hope things are going your way.

    We did make the show - Jim loved it. However, we did not even get a form letter as a response! What a bummer!!
    Hi Kim - so nice to hear from you, how are you doing, hows your dad coming adjusting to my new life, its so difficult to when a part of you is missing, i know you can relate, some days im ok, and smile when i think of her, other days im in her room not wanting to leave.....:(
    have a wonderfull mothers day!! enjoy your dad now, kiss him and tell him how much you love him everyday !!
    It's nice to hear your Dad has somehow stabilized which is good.
    As you say, this disease is unpredictable and no one knows when it might pick up speed again. That's why we PALS and caregivers need to make the most of each day because we really don't know when the symptoms would get worse.

    I'm kind of stable myself right now. Other than my Bulbar issues, left foot drop and left hand atrophy the disease seems not to have affected my breathing muscles nor my swallowing. I can still eat by mouth but it's better when the food has been puréed , I also can still drink fluids without chocking as long as I do small sips and tuck my chin. All that has helped me to maintain weight which is good for PALS.

    My Dad is nearly the same age as your Dad and he's still strong as an oak.
    He's been looking after me too along with other family members.

    Take care, Kim and I do hope your Dad keeps doing well.

    Talk to you soon.
    For me, right now, Mothers Day is a little emotional. Looking for a card and everyone of them make me cry. I just don't want to make her cry. When we were on vacation, she asked me if I wanted her wedding rings and then we both could't stop crying. There is so much of my life that I'm afraid she is goign to miss out on.
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