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  • Hello, just noticed your message. I am doing pretty good. I can still walk, just not as far. I can still do most things. My progression is slow. Your dad is fortunate that your brother will be able to have him live with them.
    Hi Kim, how are you doing today? well, I hope! Just wanted to let you know me and Cheryl have got a brand new house :), I'm beyond ecstatic! hope to move next month, love and hugs, Anne
    Hi, did you find out the details regarding your father's injections? Is he perhaps on a trial? Thanks.
    Hi Kim,
    I just noticed you had left me a message. Thanks very much. I am doing ok. Can't walk or stand and my arms and torso getting weaker every day. I can still talk and swallow and eat and laugh, praise God! So am still enjoying life and getting through.
    Hello! Doing well thanks. Wow! Good luck keeping the car in ur driveway now! Take care and talk to u soon :)
    Hey Kim, did you talk to the ALSA in your area? mine has support meetings in a nearby town, but they also are organizing phone meetings for cals only-- they try to group together cals who have similar situations.
    Hi Kim:
    I'm very sorry to hear about your Dad and that you are having to deal with a divorce on top of everything else. I'm not on here as much as I used to be, got too depressing for me. Are you able to keep in touch with your Dad? Hoping things will turn around for you.
    Hey Kim, I am so sorry to hear about your dad having to move. I am though glad to here that he is stable with his progression. It is just such a heart wrenching disease for us to watch our love ones go thru. Things aren't going so good we almost lost dad last Tuesday because of his breathing. He is no own supplemental O2 with his portable vent. Hospice said that he probably wouldn't make it till thanksgiving. His ALS just went so fast. I know you know how I feel but I can't imagine waking up one day and not being able to talk to him. Thanks for checking on me.
    So proud to here your dad is doing well. What is a bi pac. I cant walk use a chair, I have a peg tube, yesterday dr told me I was in last stages, keep me posted. Ruby
    Just got back from Maui. Latest battles are breathing and using my hands to eat but still living thanks to help from others.
    Things are not good here..we have support from pallite are now,,th docs think Ron may have a few weeks left,,no ore than 3 months..he looks like he has pnemonia now but it could just be viral..waiting and praying for him to be at peace and feel better..this suffering is unbelievable
    Hi Kim-

    I'm glad you got your dad settled somewhere and that he seems to be holding his own. My mom pretty much watches westerns and cartoons all day. And reads magazines and whatnot. She seems to be content to just sit and exist. And my pops is making it difficult to "take him in stride." LOL! I hope everything else is going well on your end. I know you've been in quite a rough patch. :(
    Good to hear from you. Just got through with remodeling bathroom for Jim. Sorry to hear that your dad had to move back to Dallas. I know you miss him. Please take care
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