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  • Hi Kim. I read mostly. Don't post. I don't like the way some members were treated so just stopped posting. Hope everything is okey with you. I see your still going through some crap but you seem to be handling it all well.
    Hello Kim. I hope you and your family are well and your Dad is doing ok. I've not been on here for a long time due to personal circumstances but hope to pop in now and then to catch up. Take care, best wishes.
    Hey Kim, sorry I haven't been returning messages very well lately. If I don't reply the instant I get a message, I just seem to forget about it altogether. My wife is unable to stand anymore, and her left arm has been all but useless for about a year or better now. Her right arm isn't much good, but her right hand can still run the TV remote, and turn pages on her Kindle. Almost no swallowing issues, speech is slower, but still easily understandable. She used a BiPap at night only. We have a girl that comes in and helps her 4 days a week for 6 hours, this lets me go out and work some. The kids are great! Amazing how adaptable they are.
    Glad to hear your dad gets out some, and really happy to hear about the vet benefits. Hope you get down to see him soon.
    Please do not bad mouth me behind my back or I will report you again.
    I am not taken in by anyone and have far more intelligence and understanding of people than you could believe.
    Its obvious 4jcobb has anxiety issues but she also has from her test results something going on which worries me.
    I have helped many people such as 4jcobb over the 6yrs I have been here,know how to handle and help such ones.
    Your comment was poking fun at someone who is in a fragile state physically and mentally and that is not acceptable .
    Hi Kim,

    Mom passed away September 8th. Yes, she lived a long time with Bulbar! Her neurologist told her if he knew what she was doing, he would tell his other patients. I think it was keeping busy and not letting it get her down and a good attitude. My mom never took antidepressants, she was still making crafts when she had only one arm to use, and insisted on going shopping in her wheelchair when she could not talk or walk or swallow. She had a napkin hanging out of her mouth every minute of every day for the saliva and she didn't care what people thought of her! She was a trooper.
    Hi Kim,
    I am doing okay. It is good to hear from you. I am glad your Dad is doing well.
    I understand about having teenage drivers. At one time had four vehicles and three teenage drivers, and Bill was always getting dropped off and picked up at work. That is when he said "I'm getting my own transportation." That is when he
    bought his first motorcycle. I still have his last Harley.
    Thanks for thinking of me, Kim. Glad to hear your dad is holding steady - I sure hope the clinical trial is beneficial. You have my sympathy for having twins starting to drive 8-( ! Now there's something that would keep me awake! Grace & peace to you.
    thanks for your message Kim. It is tough, but it's the next step and I'm getting things ready here to move on with that step. From after this surgery finally he has agreed that I can have someone here when I have to go out and work. I do much of my work from home, and am trying to finish up most of what I do outside home so that I can pretend I'm a step ahead ... Divorce is hard, don't forget I'm here if you need to vent or talk on it privately. Great about your father getting on this trial, I've got everything crossed both for him personally and for them making some progress on research with this monster. xxx Tillie
    Sorry you are having a hard time, it seems to come in waves doesn't it. I don't have any words of wisdom, but just know that I will say a prayer for you tonight.

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