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  • Merry Christmas Kim :)
    Thanks for thinking of me! I certainly understand how badly you miss you dad. I smiled when I read about your new beagle :). Dogs can sure be a lot of fun - and good company! I've thought about getting one myself.
    Grace and peace to you, Kim.
    Thanks for thinking of me. I hope your holidays are the beginning of a new happy life.
    Hi Kim, just thinking of you especially today. Thinking yesterday was probably a pretty tough day for you. Sending you love and hugs. Your dad must have been really proud of how loving and thoughtful you are. Please take care. Keeping you and your family in thought and prayer. - Cindy
    Hi Kim,
    Personally, I would call a genetic counselor at Mayo's ALS department. But really, I'm not the one to ask about this. You should ask Nikki about FALS.
    The big question, I suppose, would be: Would I want to know? And my answer is no.
    Good luck. --Mike
    I don't think the thread is open. I have not posted here in a while. I stopped posting in the happiness now thread. I am struggling with my own health and my dad is dying of cancer. Things are not good. Too much going on. Good to hear from you.
    Kim - Glad to hear that your Dad was able to see all of his grandkids, together. Also glad to hear that his breathing continues to be okay. Darcey, too, has enjoyed the variety that Netflix brings to her computer. Hope you are doing well. -Jim-
    Kim, I am functioning, some things are easier than others. You are right when you say you never know with this disease. It seems as if it can change in an hour. I am in the process of moving so I feel ok one minute and completely overwhelmed the next. I hope you can get to Dallas more and next time you see him hug your dad for me. Take care of yourself and not just everyone else! Hugs Kaye
    HI, Kim. I'm glad you wrote, and even more glad to hear Brian is taking you to your dad. I know you have a very special relationship with your dad.

    Barbie's loss caused more shock than anyone I've seen. We've known her for so long so welike a permanent feature of the board, always helping others.

    I wish you the best over the holiday. --Mike
    kim i have been thinking of you to. didn't see on here for some time and was missing you and how you was letting us know how your dad is doing. i hope you are doing alright.
    Hey Kim,
    Nice to hear from you. Hope you group helps. We have been getting our youngest off to college. I miss him terribly. He loves it. We have been going camping and fishing. Our last trip out is on the 1 of oct. Hard to believe summer is over. Hope you enjoy you r visit with your dad. Mine is still hanging in there. He fell about a month ago and broke his hip. Now he is is a rehab center. Take care.
    Kim, Thank you for remembering me. I'm in such a bad place now - DH is losing all mobility so fast - in a week he has lost more than in the previous year. He fell today while I was trying to help with up from a chair with a gait belt.... We both just went down like rocks and were pretty tangled and helpless.

    ... and he can't breathe without trilogy. Ohhhhhh. Terrors. Ended up ok with the help of a neighbor I don't really know but T has not left the bed nor eaten since the fall early this afternoon. It's the first time in all our many years I have seen him afraid. Lying there totally helpless and stuck on his back unable to breath - oh my poor poor darling man - it breaks my heart over and over....

    Ironically our neuro gave us several Rxs at Clinic a few days ago and one for for a Hoyer. That's a whole other 'terror'... Our tiny half bungalow first floor quarters. Another challenge. Yippeeeee.

    I'm babbling... just wanted to send a big smile your way... lol.
    : ))

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