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  • your thread is closed but I wanted to thank you for the suggestion of the tube pillows that bend. I got a couple for my husband and they have been very handy! thank you
    Saw a Doc down at Mass General last week and he said that is the way they are looking at PLS now. PLS is just a type ALS, it was an interesting conversation. When where you on DDG-9, had a good friend that was on the from 79 to 82, he was an EW. Eddie Lopez, great guy. Did both coasts, only one ship out west, USS Rainier AOE-7 out of Bermerton, good ship. Of course they all were.
    Sorry to hear about things, I guess that is the lucky side of PLS the glide slope isn't that steep. What part of the Navy were you? I was enlisted, spent the last 12 as Command Master Chief, last tour out on DG. Before that was an EW and spent most of my time on ships.
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