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  • Hi, I think the fact you’ve had 3 emgs should be very reassuring as one of the main things troubling me is the uncertainty surrounding my issues due to the lack of medical reassurance. I’m the same as you with the postnasal drip which is a worry because mine is still fairly new and I’m just fearful of further symptoms developing. If yours has been static for a year then possibly that is enough to suggest it is not progressing to anything concerning (especially without weakness) but I completely understand your doubts. When the body stops acting how you’re used to it is really distressing.
    I’ve had gastro issues for years which are quite unpredictable so couldn’t really comment on that in relation to this as it’s hard to monitor any changes.

    Did your issues start immediately after the injury or some time after? Do your twitches stop if you use the muscle/flex it?
    Hello...... have you seen your doctor and got any answers to your symptoms? Mine are almost indentical to yours.

    Hello....I have similar symptoms and wondered if you could share what came from your specialist appointment. Thank you so much
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