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  • SJM, you've written two Visitor Messages to yourself. May I suggest posting a new thread in the forum. Look at the big red "donate" button at the top of this page and then click on the blue link to the ALS/MND Support Group Forums.
    New to forum, symptoms started Fall 2015. I am 67 years old/ in good health. Started with my hands exhibiting shaking; doctor sent me to the neuro...after every test imaginable (only one I failed was the EMG) they thought ALS. After several visits with two neurologists, doctors did NOT have ALS or PMA but BAD. In past year have lost much muscle mass in arms, chest (pecs almost all gone), shoulder areas. Strength in arms lowered, but seems to be maintaining since joining gym Dec 2015. Have lost almost 40 of my 189 pounds (started as planned then went awry with BAD)...now stabilized at 150. Lower extremities actually increased in strength. Constant fasticulations visible in arms and chest. Told this is slow moving disease; can anyone tell me what they experienced as to the speed of advancement? I realize that I am older than a lot of the folks posting, so age will affect me differently but appreciate any input. Not how I was expecting to spend my retirement years.
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