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  • Hi Ellie! Thanks for the message, I'm still on the forum but not as often... hope that spring gets here quick, I'm so sick of snow! send me your fb info, I'd like to see you there (PM me the info)
    Hi Ellie, I know that this will be a tough holiday season for your family... sending you and your Mom a hug and hope you find yourselves laughing through the tears, remembering your Dad.
    Hi Ellie! Tell your Mom she'd fall outta the sling for the lift, I almost did one day and I'm bigger then her! I hope it all goes ok for your Mom through the hip operation... I do have a rollator walker if she needs one for balance... and it has a seat on it. Seriously let me know if you need the hoyer back for a while...
    Hi Ellie! Thanks for the note! I wish I could have used the lift myself, but just feasible in my house... glad to know its going to someone in need, your Mom's the best! I'm going to stick to the first floor here, not worh the aggravation and cost of a stair lift! Hope you're having a good summer!
    Thanks Sixth.
    Can't wait, we are going up to Northern Ontaio for a week with mutiple cottages, and multiple families.
    20 of us it total.
    I'll get some new pics on in a few weeks.
    Take care,
    Thanks. We have just tooo much in common. I will never forget the day my dad died , it was my son's 8th grade graduation. He has Dyslexia, was in a special school that we spent all our 401K (for 4 years) on this. Thus was a biggie. My hubby and son went early, me and my daughter drove separate so I could like not have to talk to anybody, they all knew, me and my husband both worked at the school also. ANyway, I don't remember the Grad but his little sad face on the stage sticks out in my mind forever...Dad was sopose to be there.....Congratulations on the mommie milestone. Gradulations to your daughter too. wow thanks great..and thanks Six:)
    You are amazing. So much going on in your own life and you remembered that?wow. I know I kinda been in a funk. Friday dad, sunday fathers day then tues day my b-day And my trio is over. Weird though, we have rental houses and were rerenting one that my dad lived in after a year of horrible tenants, when repainting all the way in the back of this closet was a cop (remember my dad was one)bumper sticker from 98 about a cop thing, and in a lil bag was a fresh water pearl necklace and bracelet.His girlfriend never found it when she moved, the horrible tenants never found it, I really think it is my b-day present.. I know this being the first fathers day was so hard, i hope you guys had peace knowing he is better there then here, and what an amazing family he had. Thank you so much for rememberig it, you really and I mean really blew me away. My fam don't even remember the date but MY friend did , thanks. You are the BEST
    Hi Ellie, how are you and your Mom doing? I haven't had to use the hoyer lift yet, so perhaps it will remain in its pristine condition for a long time! I just got back from my Dex trial visit, and go to the ALS clinic tomorrow in Worcester. I've been wanting to send your Mom a card, but haven't had a chance to get to the store for a while now! Give her a hug for me!
    Mourning and stuck, no better way to describe it.It took me months. He died 3 years June 15th. Then the following Sunday was father's day, then July3 was my birthday. I was in a funk. It was the end of Aug it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was filling out the emergercy cards for school, dad was the emergency contact to pick my kids up when sick. I just cried for hours. Still pisses me off my mom and dad were devorsed ( he left for a 21 year old after 18 years, i know) but I can understand why. My mom is so negative, if you have good news she will find someway to pop my balloon, take the wind out of my sails.and she still makes her little negative comments about him. She lived with me and he would visit my kids, she ruined that too.I will never forget he would be so nice and bring her donuts(cop thing)the last time he visited , he leaned over to give her a kiss, and she said don't slobber on my(ALS Bulbar Palsy) I would do anything and I mean anythung for one of his kisses again.
    Hi. I saw your post on tea thread about your mom giving away some equipment. I have ALS and live in Vermont and am interested hearing more. My husband Doug is handling things. I can 't talk and use one finger to type. Ok. If he emails you?we
    Hey Six, How are you guys making out. Just been thinking about you and your family sending Love.
    You are part of our family Dear One! Personally, I'm doing quite well all things considered and I'm very happy. I love life and can breath and speak and eat normally so far. My walking and hands are weak but I'm still pretty independent with the help of braces and walkers. Everyone is different. I'm just going to enjoy what I can while I can. That's what you should try to do too. Enjoy life. Try to be happy and see all the beauty in this beautiful world. It's a gorgeous sunny day here in Colorado. It makes me feel so good. I know you're still in mourning and feel numb. It's sort of like a little roller coaster. Numb, emotional, laughing, numb, happy, sad, up, down, up, down. Just give yourself some time to stabilize. You're right. Your Dad is okay now and has some answers. Love to you! Stay in touch Dear One!
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