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  • Hi :)
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    I'm sorry you lost your sister.
    I apologize to all of you for not introducing myself properly, although i have known most of you for the last three years. My sister Arjana was diagnosed with ALS in April 2012 and lost her battle in May 2015. She was in the prime of her life. 54, married with two grown children. She was my sister, best friend, the closest person I had. For 3 years, every single day, i visited her. We laughed, cried, watched movies, researched articles, planned weddings (her son’s), prepare scrapbooks, planned bridal shower and made sure our poor 78 yo mother, be part of her life as much as she could. We, as a team managed to give her a "normal" life as normal as she could have, celebrated every minute we were together and arranged that she had a very peaceful death. She got a lot of love and care and she went at peace. She was lucky to have an amazing husband and children who treated her with so much love, compassion and care. I love this forum and will do my best to help others. I HATE ALS
    Hi there!
    Thanks for your response!
    How fast did you experience diagnosis to death with FTD/MND if you dont mind me asking?
    My dad was first diagnosed with FTD and is only now being diagnosed with MND.
    Welcome :) Can I gently suggest you start a thread and introduce yourself to us?
    I notice you say you have been reading here 3 years, but you only recently joined. Introductions are polite as they allow us to say hello to you and welcome you without hijacking someone else's thread. You want to welcome others that are new, so please allow us the same for you. respectfully, Tillie
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