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  • Dear Siam, all tests are negative for ALS. Please, if you have a trusted GP, have him/her advocate on your behalf with the specialists so they continue working on your case. In the interim, heed the advice. Get immediate psychological help. This will assist you in coping with the diagnosis process.
    Dear All
    I am here as I fear that my symptoms may be of an ALS kind. Muscle wasting rapid weight loss weakened legs arms and now swallowing sensations that might suggest muscle issues there too. All of this appearing in the last 5 weeks or so. The first symptoms in March were lightheadedness not a typical ALS symptom I believe and after many tests nothing was discovered and so to the psychiatrist I was sent. I have in the last 5 weeks done brain and full spine MRI EMG and NCV all negative. Various blood tests also revealed nothing more that low testosterone and slightly high IGF1. Neuro says no point in further test which would be invasive and potentially harmful reiterating go to see the psychiatrist. Still I am losing weight and muscle and strength and still no answer. Is this the normal progression?
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