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  • ALS comes first on google because so many people ask about twitching and ALS.
    You need to do something useful with your free time.
    I am so sorry plz pardon me...actually I am passing my day with a lot of anxiety of als. Can you tell me every time if I search by twitching on google why als come first? Why not the other desease come...plz don't angry just help me so that I can get the clear concept about als.
    Yes, Shovon, you did insult a lot of people. You rejected the knowledge of knowledgeable people, then posted a definition of ALS as though our people with ALS don't understand the disease as well as you do.

    When a person says they are insulted, they are.

    I hope--we all hope--that you will get the help you need and enjoy a long and happy life.
    There is no cure. If you have it, you will certainly die. Sometimes within one year, maybe 10 years, but usually 2-5 years.
    But i have no anxiety even no stress.....i think so....can you tell me any new treatment invented to cure als? Do u know?
    I'm sure you have been told that body wide twitching happens in many conditions. Why don't you look at those? Body wide twitching is common in stress and anxiety, not in ALS.
    That person was diagnosed by a neurologist using an EMG and cannot move the tongue around.
    Sometimes twitching happens in ALS. We know how twitching works in ALS.

    We are not doctors, but we know ALS really well.
    The doctors who have examined you saw no ALS.
    And the experts on our website have read your symptoms and see no ALS.

    We listened to you and answered you the best we can.
    Now you're arguing with our answers?
    We're not going to change our answers.
    So you are just being rude now, taking our time away from people who need us.

    If you are still concerned. ask a doctor to help you.
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