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  • No he gave me electrolyte test ...after this result he wil send me for is not good test for emg ...I have to go another city.I have already checked thyroid, diabatics and cpk, ,all are normal...
    Something IS going wrong, Shovon. You are going to get the results of your EMG this week, yes?
    Shovon, it's not good for your mental health to focus on ALS like this. The GM06 drug doesn't matter to you since you don't have ALS.
    Ah..i have seen another neuro doctor today ..and checked me for a long time ..and told me to do electrolyte test and then he will send me for emg.
    Mike you did not tell about the drug ...
    Shovon, your doctor said you don't have ALS. So asking about a cure is silly. Wait until your EMG results come back.
    Not at all. NCS looks for many things that are not ALS. EMG looks for many things, including ALS. Usually the two tests are done on the same day.
    Yes, the twitching can occur all over, or at the same spot. I have BFS. It's no problem. I think my twitching is fun to look at. Some stem therapy clinics are actually scams, illegal frauds stealing money from people. I have not heard of any stem cell therapy fixing ALS. If anyone was ever cured of ALS, we would know.
    "my twitching is spreading:(..and I feel less strength in my right knee and feeling something is tighten around the knee and there also twitching in the knee"

    Your kind of twitching is not an ALS problem. Also, if your knee feels less strong, that is not how ALS works. In ALS, you don't feel weak, feel tired, or feel anything--your muscle simply would not work and you would fall down.

    You must stay away until a doctor examines you, Shovon.
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